The View: Octavia Spencer Sensa Weight Loss Diet Results & Oscar Picks


The View: Octavia Spencer Weight Loss

You probably remember Octavia Spencer’s 2012 Oscar win for The Help. But when she isn’t acting, she is keeping busy by staying in shape. She talked on The View about how she lost 20 pounds in just months.

Sherri Shepherd said that she was backstage at last year’s Oscars, and she was mistaken for Octavia Spencer. Octavia admitted that she gets mistaken for Sherri as well. Maybe they should play twins in a movie.


The View: Octavia Spencer Sensa Weight Loss

The View: Octavia Spencer Sensa Weight Loss Diet Results & Oscar Picks

The View heard about Octavia Spencer Sensa weight loss using the diet supplement, and her new children’s book series, Randi Rhodes, Ninja Detective. (DFree /

Octavia Spencer said she has lost 20 pounds in four months on the Sensa weight loss program. She said it fits her life, and she went into the program with an anti-diet attitude. The plan is that you sprinkle Sensa on your food to lose weight.

She said that the program has helped her with portion control by reigning in her appetite. She said she cannot handle the deprivation of a diet, but appreciated the empowerment that she said she gets from Sensa.


Check out Dr Oz’s Sensa review of the shake-on seasoning diet product. Do you think it could really be that easy?

The View: Octavia Spencer Oscar

Octavia Spencer is presenting at the Oscars this year, and Sherri said that it is great for Spencer to finally get recognition for her long career of acting work. Winning the Oscar has opened doors for her in Hollywood, she said.

She said that she wants to see all different types of people, characters, and lives portrayed on screen.

The View: Randi Rhodes Ninja Detective Review

Octavia is the author of Randi Rhodes, Ninja Detective, a book series for tweens that is meant to inspire discovery and curiosity. It sounds like she has been very busy off camera!

The View: Mario Cantone Oscar Picks

Since the countdown to Oscar Sunday is wrapping up, Mario Cantone visited The View to make his own Oscar predictions before the big weekend. Mario said that Rihanna was snubbed for her supporting performance in Battleship.

Now that Hollywood is making movies based on board games, Mario said he should star opposite Chris Christie in a movie version of Hungry Hungry Hippos. Mario said that his best actor picks were Tom Cruise and Alec Baldwin in Rock of Ages.

For best actress, he voted for Cher in This Must Be The Place, even though the role in question was played by Sean Penn. For best actor, Mario suggested Brad Pitt’s hilarious Chanel No. 5 commercial. Finally, his best picture choice was Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters, which is certainly an unconventional choice.

You can see the real Oscar winners on ABC Sunday, February 24.


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