The View: Noah Wyle Falling Skies Season 3 Review & Belief In Aliens


The View: Noah Wyle Took Part On Falling Skies Because Of His Son

Falling Skies is now the number one show on basic cable, and Noah Wyle couldn’t be happier. His role on the show wasn’t a choice he made on his own, though. His then six-year old son pushed him towards the alien-invasion-themed show when Noah consulted him with several scripts, asking which part he would like daddy to play. Sherri wonders sometime whether or not his son roots for the aliens sometimes, which Noah Joked depends on whether or not he let his son play his Xbox.

The View: Falling Skies Season 3 Preview

The View: Noah Wyle Falling Skies Season 3 Review & Belief In Aliens

What can we expect from Falling Skies season three? Noah Wyle filled us in. (s_bukley /


Falling Skies picks up six months into an alien invasion, and Noah Wyle’s character, Tom Mason, a former history professor at Boston University, is the leader of a resistance group fighting back against the aliens. At the end of season 2, Tom Mason and his militia were getting ready to head out of Charleston, when alien landing pods crashed down from the sky. A new breed of alien stepped out, and that’s where it ended.

Season 3 of Falling Skies picks up seven months after that. As it turns out, they are working along with this new race of aliens, and have received new technology from them that is slowly turning the tides of the war. The question is, however, is the enemy of my enemy my friend, or just another enemy waiting to cut my throat? Season 3 will explore, and hopefully answer, this question.

The View: Does Noah Wyle Believe In Aliens?

Being on  Falling Skies, a show about aliens, Barbara Walters asked Noah Wyle if he believed in the existence of aliens or not. He wasn’t sure how to answer the question at first, but ultimately said that the odds are at least okay that there is some other life form out there, given the size of the universe.


The View: Season Three Of Falling Skies The Hardest To Film So Far

Not only were they filming Falling Skies season three all over the world, they were also filming in the freezing cold and rain storms. Not only that, but narratively, the show has gotten a lot more complex not only in that there are more set pieces such as horses involved, but the plot threads have also gotten more emotional, meaning that each scene requires even more diligence on the part of the actors.

The View: Noah Wyle On ER

Noah Wyle was 22 years old when he started on ER in 1994, and they took some time to play a clip of a little Noah Wyle playing his part to inject a little nostalgia in the segment right before they cut to commercial.


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