The View: New Kids On The Block 10 Review, Remix & The Package Tour


The View: New Kids On The Block

Are you a New Kids On The Block fan? The View host Sherri Shepherd definitely is, and she wore her I Heart Donny shirt as evidence. The band returned to The View to promote their new album 10.

The View: NKOTB 10 Review & Deluxe Edition


The View: New Kids On The Block 10 Review, Remix & The Package Tour

New Kids On The Block released the new album 10 in advance of their summer 2013 The Package tour. (s_bukley /

Five members of the band joined Shepherd and Elisabeth Hasselbeck to talk about the latest release and their upcoming summer tour. The band’s new album, 10, dropped April 2 2013.

Joey McIntyre compared 10 to a concept album with a cohesive sound. He credited the producers with making the lyrics and sound come together with a Europop feel.


Depending on how you count, this is the band’s 10th album, and there is a deluxe version featuring their 2011 concert DVD at Boston’s Fenway Park.

Band member Danny Wood said the exclusive concert is only available from the band’s website.

The View: The Package Tour

Last time they were on The View in January 2013, NKOTB announced their summer 2013 tour, The Package, with fellow ‘90s bands 98 Degrees and Boyz II Men. Tour tickets were snapped up in just hours.

What does the band think keeps the fans coming back? Donnie Wahlberg said the connection the fans made in the early years has remained strong, which does not always happen.

While some people turn their backs on their teenage years and youthful pursuits, Donnie explained that the band and the fans were ready to come back together.

“We never frowned on who we were or where we came from,” he said.

The View: NKOTB Tour Bus

For this year’s tour, the band will be spending a lot of time together on buses. They each have their own personalities, and that comes out when you are in close quarters for a long period of time.

Will you be seeing The Package tour this summer?

The View: New Kids On The Block Remix

At the end of the show, New Kids On The Block took the stage to perform a song from their new album. The song was called “Remix (I Like The),” and you can hear it on 10, on sale now. Their live performance had a lot of energy, which is a great omen for those planning on seeing their summer tour.

Tell me your favorite NKOTB song in the comments.


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