The View: New Boston Bombing Suspects & Reese Witherspoon Charges


The View: Three New Boston Marathon Bombing Suspects

There have been three more arrests made in Boston Marathon Bombing case. Mark Eiglarsh, former prosecuting attorney turned defense lawyer, said that though none of the three, according to authorities, had anything to do with the planning or execution of the bombing. These three men went to the bomber’s apartment after they found out he was the bomber, took a bag filled with explosives (not confirmed of what type or how powerful) and a laptop, and threw them away. If this sounds like obstruction of justice, that’s because it is.

Christina Perez, host of Justice For All With Judge Christina Perez, called it “stupidity at its finest,” which would be a pretty apt description. For these new suspects to claim ignorance totally throws common sense out the window. “Oh, there was a bombing today? This couldn’t have any connection with our friend telling us to dispose of this extremely incriminating bag of explosives! Heave ho and off we go!”


The View: Boston Bombing Suspects’ Mom

The View: New Boston Bombing Suspects & Reese Witherspoon Arrest

I see that smug grin Reese Witherspoon. Celebrity drunkenness will not stand! (Northfoto /

Mark did chime in at the end, though, to say that the police have nothing against them besides the disposing of the evidence. However, he added that it is likely that these men will do jail time and then be deported, as they are all foreigners. He said that he would probably not defend these three boys.

The mother of the bombers is also coming into the limelight for all the wrong reasons, after skipping bail on a shoplifting charge in Massachusetts. If she’s running, could she be hiding something?


The View: Jodi Arias Closing Arguments

I wasn’t there! Ninjas came in! He was a deviant and I acted in self defense! Jodi Arias really isn’t selling her innocence all that well in the face of accusations claiming she killed her boyfriend in 2008. However, with her own defense attorney putting her on the stand nearly every day of the trial, it would seem that they are hoping Jodi will make just one juror feel sorry for her, stalling the entire trial and potentially setting her free at the hands of a jury who just got tired of listening to that one jerk insisting that she’s innocent. Mark Eiglarsh wouldn’t touch this case, either.

The View: Reese Witherspoon Charges and Celebrity DUI

Do celebrities get off easy when they get drunk and act up? With celebrity mug shots cropping up more often in the news, the most recent being Reese Witherspoon’s charges for disorderly conduct, do they think they can get away with it? Christina didn’t think so, but Mark did bite on this one and say that he would come to Reese’s defense.

The View: Michael Jackson Civil Case

The upcoming case over the distribution of Michael Jackson’s wealth among his family is coming up, and there has only been one of Michael Jackson’s siblings in the courtroom. Christina felt that having the entirety of one of the most legendary families in entertainment sitting directly in front of them throughout the case may negatively impact the jury. Mark also cited many of them as witnesses, meaning that there is the risk of them altering testimony to get more money from the case. The Jackson family is currently asking for $40 billion from this case. Yowza!


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