The View: Nathan Lane The Nance Review & Fourth Tony Award Nomination


The View: Nathan Lane Tony Award Nomination

Nathan Lane, who might just be up for yet another Tony Award with his latest Broadway role in The Nance, which Barbara said is very good, came by the show today. Last time Nathan was on the show, a woman in the crowd apparently had a case of stomach problems, and Nathan says he won’t stop causing trouble until he induces seizures.

Nathan Lane Is Actually Shy

The View: Nathan Lane The Nance Review & Fourth Tony Award Nomination

Nathan Lane came by to talk about his new Broadway show The Nance. (image credit: s_bukley /


Nathan Lane is not naturally as outgoing as his performances on the Broadway stage and his presence on The View today may make him seem. According to Barbara Walters, the man is actually quite introverted. Like his performances show, though, Nathan says that acting allows him to let out many things that he may otherwise keep suppressed, and he drew some humorous similarities between Barbara’s description of him and a serial killer, “Acting, serial killing, you know, it’s all in the same.”

Nathan Lane The Nance Review

Nathan Lane made his most recent on-stage appearance with the Broadway show The Nance, and Nathan gave us a bit of a rundown of the show. It’s set in 1937 in the world of burlesque, and it looks back at the end of that era when New York Mayor La Guardia was trying to shut down burlesque. A “nance” is a derogatory term for a very flamboyant gay man, and in the play, the character was more of a caricature of a gay man in the air of Franklin Panborn.

The story is that while these nance characters were usually played by straight men, this particular burlesque theater uses a gay man to play the role, which has two effects: 1) he becomes very popular and draws an enormous crowd and 2) it just makes the mayor want to shut them down even more. At the production’s heart is a tragic love story between the nance and a younger man.


The play is written by Douglas Carter Beane, who is also known for plays such as The Country Club and The Little Dog Laughed, and directed by Jack O’Brien, who has served as the artistic director for the famous Old Globe Theater in San Diego, California. For his role in this play, Nathan Lane has been nominated for his fourth Tony Award.

Nathan Lane The English Teacher Review

Nathan Lane is also making an appearance on the silver screen May 17 with The English Teacher, a bittersweet comedy about a lonely English teacher who is helping an ex-student put on his thesis play at a high school. Nathan Lane plays the drama teacher in the film, who will be the comedic foil to the teacher’s staunch manner.

The Nance is currently playing at the Lyceum Theatre in New York. If you’re in New York, go see it!


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