The View: Myrlie Evers-Myers Imprisons Husband’s Killer After 30 Years


The View: Medgar Evers’ Widow, Myrlie Evers-Myers

This month marks the 50th anniversary of Civil Rights activist Medgar Evers murder in 1963. He was one of the first casualties of the movement made famous by figures such as Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X. It took Medgar’s wife, Myrlie Evers-Myers, 30 years to bring his killer, Byron De La Beckwith, to justice. She came on The View to share some of her story.

The View: Myrlie Evers-Myers Imprisons Husbands Killer After 30 Years

It took Myrlie Evers-Myers 30 years to get justice for her murdered husband, Medgar Evers.


The climate of America in 1963 was one of turbulence, upheaval, racial hatred, and violence. “America was inflamed,” said Myrlie Evers-Myers. Being a native Mississippian, she knew the potentially deadly consequences that could result from speaking out against segregation, and since Medgar Evers was a figurehead in fighting against this, she never left him angry, for fear that he could die at any moment. He represented everything that Mississippi did not want to see.

The View: Myrlie Evers-Myers’ Quest For Justice

What made Medgar Ever’s death even more difficult to handle was the all-white jury that acquitted Byron De La Beckwith of the murder. Myrlie described it as nothing but sheer determination that helped her finally bring him to justice.

Between the time of Medgar Evers’ death and Byron’s trial, Myrlie raised her children and continued life as usual. She said that it took her picking herself up and moving forward, past her husband’s murder, to make any of what happened, happen.


The View: Whoopi Goldberg In Ghosts Of Mississippi

In 1996, Whoopi Goldberg actually depicted Myrlie Evers-Myers in a film called Ghosts of Mississippi, which detailed the events that led up to the trial that finally put Byron De La Beckwith behind bars. Myrlie loved Whoopi’s performance, and said that she would be forever appreciative for her portrayal of the role.

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