The View: Mothers of Slain Sandy Hook Children on 6 Month Anniversary


The View: Sandy Hook Elementary Shooting 6 Month Anniversary

June 14 2013 marks the six month anniversary of the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting.

On that tragic day, December 14 2012, 20 children would be kissing their parents goodbye for the last time.


Adam Lanza was the 20-year-old homebody who killed those innocent children. His mother, a gun enthusiast, was the first person killed that day. Lanza killed her in her sleep before collecting a semi-automatic rifle, two handguns and a shotgun plus 300 rounds of ammunition and heading off to Sandy Hook Elementary.

The View: Mothers of Slain Sandy Hook Children on 6 Month Anniversary

The View talked with three mothers of Sandy Hook children about how they have been dealing with the tragedy, especially during the 6 month anniversary.
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At 9:30 in the morning, Lanza shot his way into the locked school and fired off 154 shots in only five minutes, killing 20 children and six school employees.


Before the police arrived, Lanza turned the gun on himself, sparing the lives he could have killed with the remaining 60 rounds of ammunition.

Mothers of Slain Sandy Hook Children Speak Out

Since that day, parents of Sandy Hook children have been asked over and over again how they have been able to move on with their lives. Although it isn’t easy to do, three of those mothers are moving on with their lives and pushing to have new legislation passed so this never happens again.

But first, they simply have to deal with the grief.

Nelba Marquez-Green, the mother of Adam Green, a child killed by Adam Lanza, said every part of the day is hard for her. There is never an easy moment in her life.

Nicole Hockley, whose son Dylan Hockley was killed in the shooting, said the mornings are the worst for her. When her other children leave, she is left alone with her thoughts, thinking about her son Dylan and how he should be getting ready for school.

The View: Sandy Hook Mothers on the Day of the Shooting

Nelba Marquez-Green said she went into shock when she got a text message about the shooting. She didn’t know what to do.

Hockley said she went to the firehouse where the children were being brought from the school. She said she searched for her child for hours before being put in a room in a back of the firehouse. For hours she waited for her son to walk through the door.

“You are always thinking there is no way your child is gone,” said Nicole.

In the evening, it was the governor of the state who walked in to let the parents know their children were victims of the shooting spree.


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