The View: Michael Caine Now You See Me Preview & His Favorite Movie


The View: Michael Caine Now You See Me

British actor Michael Caine, who has brought to the world over 100 movies, came to The View May 2013. His most recent successes have been found in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, where he was teamed up with Morgan Freeman. In his upcoming movie Now You See Me, Michael and Morgan are once again in starring roles, but they aren’t on the same team this time. Michael Caine gave us a small preview of what to expect today, and talked a little about his illustrious career.

The View: Now You See Me Preview

The View: Michael Caine Now You See Me Preview & His Favorite Movie

Michael Caine stopped by The View to talk about his role in the upcoming film, Now You See Me. (s_bukley /


Michael Caine was most interested about Now You See Me not just the magicians that the film centers around—Caine has done films about that before—but the fact that the magic was on such an incredible scale. Caine was fascinated at how the magicians were robbing banks during their performances, and so he chose this one to work on. Being 80 now, Michael Caine says that he doesn’t want to spend six months working on a massive blockbuster movie, and so he picks small movies that are good. He said he only worked a few week on the film. Not a bad way to get a  paycheck!

The View: Michael Caine’s Voice Showing Up In…Birthday Cards?

Michael Caine’s voice has been showing up in all sorts of strange places lately, and one of them just happens to be birthday cards. Michael was initially surprised by this, because he didn’t remember giving anyone permission to use his voice for anything. Just as he was poised to start suing, he looked on the back of the cards and saw that they were all impersonations.

Then, when he was in his friend’s car, he heard his voice on a GPS. He said that he doesn’t get it. You think your voice sounds like everyone else’s, and next thing you know, you’re hearing yours on a GPS.


The View: Michael Caine Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

One of Brooke Shields’ favorite movies is 1988’s Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, and Michael Caine agrees. He recalls that many times throughout the filming, they had to stop because someone would burst out laughing. He also got to hang out in a villa with some of his best friends in the south of France.

The View: Michael Caine Death Trap

The next clip that The View pulled up was one from 1982’s Deathtrap, based on the playwright Ira Levin’s play of the same name. In it, there is a kiss between Michael Caine and Christopher Reeves. Caine said both drank down about a bucket of brandy each before they got it right. They promised each other before filming that there would be no tongue in the kiss.


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