The View: Melissa Rivers Wife Swap & Joan Knows Best? Season Four


The View: Joan Rivers Celebrity Wife Swap

The View: Joan Rivers & Melissa Rivers Joan Knows Best? Season Four

Melissa and Joan Rivers’ TV show, Joan Knows Best?, is getting renewed for a fourth season. (s_bukley /

Melissa Rivers and Joan Rivers came on the show to talk about what is going on in their lives. Recently, Joan Rivers and and Bristol Palin switched places on ABC’s Celebrity Wife Swap, which yielded some interesting results. Joan Rivers said that Melissa is something of a gay son to her, since they shop, gossip, and party together, and it was kind of like having a regular daughter being on the show with Bristol Palin. Surprisingly, Joan bonded quite a bit with Bristol Palin, and found that the kids lived quite a sheltered life, which she hopes they break out of.


The View: Melissa Rivers Celebrity Wife Swap

Melissa Rivers hung out with Tripp Palin and Willow Palin, who is 18. Melissa expected the children to be very entitled, spoiled, and eye-rolling, but was pleasantly surprised by what she found. Melissa liked Willow a lot and found Tripp to be entirely tolerable and manageable for his age. Willow and Melissa shared a bonding moment when they both tried to cook moose liver, which was not good at all, to say the least.

The View: Joan Knows Best Gets Renewed

Joan Knows Best? Joan Rivers and Melissa Rivers’ reality TV show, has been renewed for a fourth season, and the two couldn’t be happier. In addition to the renewal on this TV show, Joan Rivers is also running a successful web series called In Bed With Joan, where Joan Rivers, well, gets in bed with celebrities and interviews them out of her home. Melissa joked that she needs to be less sarcastic during meetings, because apparently, this show came as a result of a sarcastic, off-hand remark she made during a meeting for Joan Knows Best?


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