The View: Melissa Rauch Big Bang Theory Bernadette Voice & Standup


The View: Melissa Rauch Big Bang Theory

Melissa Rauch got to make her own dreams come true during her visit to The View. She stars in The Big Bang Theory, but she has a lot in common with the ladies of The View.

In a clip from The Big Bang Theory, Melissa’s character butts heads with her husband, Howard. Melissa joined the ladies from The View to talk about the fact that she is a super fan of The View.


The View: Melissa Rauch Standup Comedy

The View: Melissa Rauch Big Bang Theory Bernadette Voice & Standup

Melissa Rauch made her own dream come true as a guest on The View, explaining her Big Bang Theory voice, early days in standup, and being fired by Sherri. (Helga Esteb /

She got tickets to The View back when she was in high school, and the show even dug up a clip of her in the audience from back in 1998, which Rauch said was her TV debut.

A few years later, she attempted to get into Joy’s Comedy Corner to do standup on The View. After years working the New York comedy scene and a particularly humiliating memory of trying to draw a crowd in the rain, her comedy eventually took her away from the Big Apple.


The View: Melissa Rauch Sherri Shepherd Sitcom

Melissa Rauch was also fired from Sherri Shepherd’s sitcom. She was hired to play Sherri’s Italian best friend back when Sherri Shepherd briefly had her own sitcom. That gig did not last long, and Melissa blamed her own Marisa Tomei impression.

She said that Shepherd at least left her a very nice voicemail. Everything did work out for Rauch, who is now a regular on The Big Bang Theory. Plus, she got to meet one of her comedy idols, Whoopi Goldberg.

The View: Big Bang Theory Bernadette Voice

Rauch cited Whoopi’s mother-daughter sketch with Carol Burnett as one of her earliest comedy influences. She did get the chance to meet Burnett as a child, but she was too starstruck to make much of a connection.

The Big Bang Theory airs Thursday nights on CBS, and Sherri said that people probably think Bernadette’s voice is also Melissa’s, but it is not. Melissa Rauch told The View that her character has “my mother’s voice, without the Jersey.”

Year of the Viewer: Valentine Horror Stories

Melissa Rauch is not the only super fan of The View. Audience members shared their own Valentine horror stories to wrap up the show.

  • Jade said that her high fashion red carpet Valentine date turned out to be for kids.
  • Julie’s boyfriend got her roses and theater tickets to celebrate their joint mortgage approval. She got him an expensive dinner, and then he promptly dumped her.
  • Alli recalled that her boyfriend sent her a gift with the wrong name on it, and someone cut off her ponytail while she was at the movies.


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