The View: Melissa & Joan: Joan Knows Best Review & Fashion Police


The View: Melissa Rivers Vs Joan Rivers

Famous mother-daughter team Joan Rivers and Melissa Rivers are back in a third season of their WE TV reality series Melissa & Joan: Joan Knows Best. In a scene from an upcoming episode, Joan confronts her feelings about kissing another woman.

As for her character’s unexpected awakening, Joan said that she does not feel any different. The show has finally sent Melissa Rivers to therapy due to all her shenanigans. As for the kiss, Melissa said that it’s just one more of “grandma’s eccentricities” that she has to explain to her son.


The View: Melissa Rivers Dating

The View: Melissa & Joan: Joan Knows Best Review & Fashion Police

Melissa Rivers and Joan Rivers came to The View to talk about a new season of their reality series, Melissa & Joan: Joan Knows Best, and Fashion Police. (s_bukley /

Is it difficult to live with your mother and try to date? Melissa said that she has no personal life, but in the new season of their show, she attempts to have a social life. But her mother does not have the manners to knock before opening a door.

Joan said that it can be hard living with your daughter too. The series is entering its third season, and the pair have been sharing a home for the last four years. Joan admitted there is a lot of screaming between the two of them.


The View: Joan Rivers Fashion Police

Joan actually only lives with Melissa for about half the week, because Joan flies to the opposite coast every week to host the E! series Fashion Police. Melissa’s ex-husband and the father of her child appears in a new episode of the show.

After 10 years of back and forth, the couple has finally found a middle ground in terms of raising their children. Joan wanted her daughter to get married, and she does not care to whom. “To me, a broken heart is just an opportunity to meet a new cardiologist,” she said.

The View: Joan Rivers Swear Jar

Since they are the subject of a reality show in their home, is there any topic that is off limits, or that the women wish had not been portrayed for the cameras? Melissa Rivers said that they agree not to put Cooper in the middle of an awkward or embarrassing situation.

Melissa’s son Cooper just turned 12 years old. Joan’s potty mouth is of course center stage, on camera and at home, and Whoopi wondered how you get a child to mind his grandma but not repeat her foul language.

Joan explained that there was a swear box in a previous episode of the show, and the money went to Cooper. Now, the child eggs her on so he can earn more money.

The View: Joan and Melissa Mom Vs Daughter

How do moms and daughters relate to Melissa and Joan on the show? Joan admitted that people identify with the relationship, because they love one another, but they are from different generations and at different places in their lives.

“All I want her to do is be happy and stop slouching,” Joan said. Joan does give her daughter dating advice, but she admits that she has not been on the dating scene much lately.

The View: Fashion Police Review

Joan Rivers got bleeped while talking about the E! series Fashion Police, which Melissa produces. Joan is one of the show’s fashion experts. There’s some money for the swear jar.

As for the upcoming Oscars, mother and daughter agree that the fashions won’t be anything special. They said this awards season has been boring in terms of designers and looks.

Fashion Police airs Friday nights on E! Melissa and Joan: Joan Knows Best airs Saturday nights, and premieres February 23 on WE TV.


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