The View: Macy’s Spring Trends 2013 Fashion Reviews & Aziz Ansari


The View: Macy’s Spring Trends

Get ready to purge winter outfits from your closet and check out Macy’s Spring Trends. From Macy’s, Martine Reardon was on The View to explain what to look for in stores. Later, comedian Aziz Ansari talked about his work with Advil.

The View: Guess Wedge Sneaker Review


The View: Macy's Spring Trends 2013 Fashion Reviews & Aziz Ansari

The View showcased Macy’s Spring Trends for fashion in 2013, including the Guess Wedge Sneaker, colorful lace, and the Macy’s Flower Show. (Ffooter /

“Prints are so important this season,” Martine said. Everything old is new again, with printed bottoms back in fashion. Colored jeans are giving way to printed jeans with artsy patterns.

For shoes, look for the Guess wedge sneaker. I’m very confused by this concept, but it has to be more comfortable than heels, right?


The View: Macy’s Impulse Review & 2013 Lace

Another model wore an Impulse blouse. The artsy print collection just launched in 2013 at Macy’s. A color blocked, stacked wedge heel accentuated this outfit.

Lace is a huge trend this year, and bright color is helping to make it pop. A model wore a short skirt with a jeweled ballerina flat featuring a pointed toe. Accessories included a teardrop lucite necklace.

The View: Spring Peplum Trend

Peplum has been popular recently, and you can make this fall look transition into springtime. Color is a key element here, and this model wore a studded shoe, another up and coming trend.

Pairing your peplum with a graphic necklace can give accent color to your look. The Macy’s expert said that the peplum outfits go up to a size 14.

The View: Maxi Dress & Color Blocked Shoes

A bold color-blocked maxi dress was also on the trend list. Neon shades are back in these days, and you can match them with almost any shoe.

The model wore a color blocked shoe, and the audience booed the fact that the shoes featured patent leather.

Another neon look came in a Jessica Simpson jacket and top. These bold graphical looks are said to go great with Inc white skinny jeans.

The View: Macy’s Flower Show

The Macy’s Flower Show is taking place for a limited time at stores in New York, Philadelphia, Washington, Chicago, Minneapolis, and San Francisco. Check out the spring colors in stores if you are in one of those cities.

The View: Aziz Ansari Parks and Recreation

From Parks and Recreation, actor and comedian Aziz Ansari made a quick visit to The View. He recalled running into the various co-hosts at other Hollywood events.

On the show, Ansari plays Tom Haverford. He explained that his character has aspirations of being a mogul, but is struggling to realize his dreams in a small town. His character also has a clothing rental business on the side.

Parks & Recreation airs Thursdays on NBC.

The View: Aziz Ansari Standup Comedy

Aziz Ansari said that he still enjoys touring to do standup comedy. Like Joy Behar, Aziz is a fan of Arnold Schwarzenegger, and he presented her with a photo of the former California governor surrounded by animals in nature.

The View: Advil Relief In Action

As for his relationship status, Ansari said he is currently single. He has a new endorsement deal with Advil. At the Barclays Center, he is performing at a benefit show for Hurricane Sandy relief volunteers.


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