The View: Louie Anderson Splash Diving Accident & St. Patrick’s Day


The View: Louie Anderson

Louie Anderson is among the contestants on the new ABC reality competition Splash, which sees celebrities diving from as high as three stories. He was on The View to talk about why he wanted to take the plunge.

The View: Louie Anderson Splash

Much to Barbara’s chagrin, Louie wore his swimsuit on the show for some reason. He is one of 10 celebrities in the competition, but Sherri Shepherd said that she was surprised he got involved in it. So was he.


The View: Louie Anderson Splash Diving Accident & St. Patrick's Day

Louie Anderson, one of 10 celebrities competing on the new reality diving series Splash, was on The View to talk about what inspired him to get in the pool. (Randy Miramontez /

He learned to swim about five years ago, but had never dove before joining the show. He said he was terrified, but managed to face his fears.

The View: Louie Anderson Diving Accident

He had some trouble on the first day of competition, because he did not know how to get to the surface after his dive. He had to be rescued by fellow competitors, but he was able to make it out in good shape.


The View: Chuy Bravo Splash

Among the other stars competing are Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Kendra Wilkinson, Drake Bell, and Chuy Bravo from Chelsea Lately.

Chelsea Handler’s sidekick Chuy learned to swim for the competition. However, he sustained an injury during filming, which will be featured on the show.

The View: Louie Anderson Weight & Age

Louie Anderson said this opportunity was a gift for him and got him out of the house. Since starting the show, he said he has more endurance and can get around easier. He is over 400 pounds, but he has lost weight on the show.

“I’m doing this for all the people who are on the couch or in bed,” he said. “Get up. Find your diving board.”

Louie Anderson is about to turn 60, in case you were wondering. Splash premieres March 19 2013 and airs Tuesday nights on ABC.

The View: Tom Kelly St. Patrick’s Day

Tom Kelly, The View’s audience warmup comedian, has an Irish heritage, which he shared with the co-hosts and audience. He wanted to give his best advice for celebrating the holiday.

He said the parade is amazing, and people will cheer for anything. To test the theory, he got crowds from the parade last year to cheer for everything from potatoes to failing economics class.

Tom said that St. Patrick’s Day is a great holiday, because it is a celebration of Irish heritage. But sometimes things get out of hand, like the time he saw a couple making out while a marchin band played “Amazing Grace.”


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