The View: Lior Suchard Mind Reader Tricks & Mentalist Powers


The View: Lior Suchard

Lior Suchard told Barbara Walters he is a “supernatural entertainer.” To prove it, he agreed to appear on The View. She was blown away by his powers as a mentalist, and she wanted him to work his powers on her fellow co-hosts.

The View: Lior Suchard Mentalist Powers


The View: Lior Suchard Mind Reader Tricks & Mentalist Powers

Entertainer Lior Suchard was a guest on The View, where he wowed the co-hosts by performing his mind reader tricks and demonstrating mentalist powers.

Suchard hails from Israel, and he does not think of himself as a magician. He said he knows how to tap into people’s minds. But he does not tell fortunes or communicate with the dead.

His powers are for entertainment purposes only, and he has a variety of techniques based on nonverbal communication, psychology, and body language.


The View: Lior Suchard Mind Reader

Suchard started with Sherri Shepherd, asking her to think back to her first case of puppy love growing up, which she said was at age 15. He correctly guessed that it was a five-letter word starting with E.

Sherri was shocked that he came up with the correct name of Elton. Barbara got mad and badgered him to explain how he does it. I was thinking that Elisabeth was skeptical, and I hoped that Lior would get around to her by the end of the segment.

The View: Lior Suchard & Barbara Walters

Barbara challenged Lior to figure out her father’s middle name. He stared her down and got the name, Edward, on the second guess. Suchard said that he picks up on transmissions from people’s thoughts.

I think part of the success of these types of things is that people inherently want to believe. Next up, Lior Suchard wanted to consider the human imagination.

The View: Lior Suchard Circle Trick

What would you draw in a blank circle? According to Suchard, most would draw a smiley face. But he wanted Elisabeth Hasselbeck to come up with something abstract instead. While she closed her eyes, he drew a ribbon pattern.

Then he handed her a pad with a circle to draw what she had imagined. She almost identically recreated what he had drawn. That has got to be an interesting live show.

The View: Lior Suchard Mind Tricks

Next, he touched Sherri’s chin and nose, but Elisabeth had her eyes closed and thought he felt his touch on her nose and chin. If you want to have a mind-bending experience, Lior Suchard is one to watch.

He also has a book you can get, called Mind Reader. What did you think of his antics on The View?


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