The View: Lily Tomlin Wedding Rumor, Admission Review & Malibu Country


The View: Lily Tomlin

Lily Tomlin’s remarkable career has spanned the decades, since her early days on Laugh-In to her latest roles in Malibu Country and Admission.

The View: Lily Tomlin Admission


The View: Lily Tomlin Wedding Rumor, Admission Review & Malibu Country

On The View, actress Lily Tomlin talked about her new roles in the movie Admission with Tina Fey and the sitcom Malibu Country with Reba McEntire. (Joe Seer /

In the new movie Admission, Tomlin portrays the mother of Tina Fey’s character. In a clip from the movie, she does not seem supportive of her daughter’s relationship and career, in what seems to be a more dramatic turn for the legendary actress.

Tomlin said her character in the movie is a notable feminist who is about her age and wrote a book called The Masculine Myth. She said she could understand how living with misconceptions can strain your relationships.


Admission is in theaters March 22 2013.

The View: Lily Tomlin Malibu Country

Barbara Walters said this is a different, more dramatic role than audiences are used to seeing from Tomlin. She also tried to say that Tomlin plays dramatic in the new Reba McEntire sitcom Malibu Country; Barbara seems consistently off base since her return to the show this week, am I right?

In Malibu Country, Tomlin’s character is a cougar and a pro-marijuana hippie. She said that she got to name the character after her mother, and based some of the character’s personal details on her as well.

She wears a white wig in the TV series. Malibu Country airs Friday nights on ABC.

The View: Lily Tomlin & Ernestine

The television operator Ernestine, one of Tomlin’s most enduring characters, has appeared in a web series over the years, and she is also on Twitter. These days, Tomlin said her character works at a healthcare corporate, denying people’s claims.

The View: Lily Tomlin Wedding?

For 42 years, Tomlin has been with her partner Jane Wagner. At this point, the couple is not really concerned with marriage. Joy Behar, a longtime marriage holdout who eventually gave in, suggested that Tomlin go for it and get married.

“We’d like to, but honestly it’s a lot to plan,” Tomlin said. Isn’t that the truth?


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