The View: Lenny Venito The Neighbors Musical & Alien Sports Names


The View: The Neighbors Lenny Venito

Lenny Venito is one of the stars of the ABC sitcom The Neighbors. He talked about being cast in the series and The Neighbors musical episode coming up.

The View: Lenny Venito

The View: Lenny Venito The Neighbors Musical & Alien Sports Names

The View talked to The Neighbors star Lenny Venito about his audition, the show’s upcoming musical episode, and the alien characters’ sports names. (ABC/Bob D’Amico)


In a clip from The Neighbors, his character’s gift to his wife is not received in the spirit it was intended. Lenny Venito joined the panel for an interview about the show and his career.

He brought his mother and his girlfriend along to be in The View audience. Lenny plays a father who moves his family to a gated community, only to learn they are surrounded by aliens.

Lenny admitted that he missed the audition and thought the script was terrible. That’s refreshingly candid. He said the casting director insisted that he take a shot, and after a second look, he felt a lot better about the material.


The View: The Neighbors Alien Sports Names

The alien characters in the show’s fictional community have taken names of famous athletes, such as Larry Bird, Jackie Joyner Kersee, Dick Butkus and Reggie Jackson. Sherri Shepherd wondered why the aliens had sports names.

“I guess because when they came to Earth, they wanted to take the names of the finest Earth specimens they knew,” he explained.

The View: The Neighbors Musical Episode

In the show’s Valentine’s Day episode, Lenny’s character decides to get a makeover to impress his wife for the romantic holiday.

Lenny loves to sing, so I guess it is a good thing there is a musical episode of The Neighbors coming up soon. He said that he constantly sings while on the set, but no one else seems to like his voice.

The joke was on him, because he has no songs in the entire episode. That has to be disappointing. Composer Alan Menken wrote the music for the episode.

The Neighbors airs Wednesdays on ABC.

The View: Lenny Venito Jennifer Aniston

Lenny Venito went to high school in Lincoln Center with famous classmate Jennifer Aniston. Chastity Bono (now known as Chaz Bono) was also in the class.

“I was lucky to get into that school. They took 70 out of 4,000 kids,” he said.


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