The View: L.L. Cool J Authentic Review & NCIS: Los Angeles Preview


The View: L.L. Cool J

L.L. Cool J came by The View May 13 2013 to talk about his new album, Authentic, and what it is like to have a ladies man image outside the home, while being a father figure inside the home.

L.L. Cool J As a Family Man

L.L. Cool J, which stands for “Ladies Love Cool James,” was asked a couple tough questions about fatherhood. For one, Barbara Walters was wondering what it feels like to be viewed as a ladies’ man by his daughters, ages 21, 17 and 12, but he didn’t think they looked at him that way. His daughter, Samaria, just went to her prom, and L.L. felt a little strange seeing his daughter off to her big dance with another guy.


Many of L.L.’s music videos can also be very provocative, which is where much of his “ladies’ man” persona has come from. With a wife of 18 years, though, many wonder how she feels about seeing her husband strutting his stuff. Despite not loving the sensual side of her husband’s profession, his wife understands that at the end of the day, it’s just that – a profession.

The View: L.L. Cool J Authentic Review & NCIS: Los Angeles Preview

L.L. Cool J came by The View May 13 2013 to talk about his new album, Authentic. (image credit: Joe Seer /

L.L. Cool J – Father & Ladies’ Man

With lyrics that are built to get women out of their clothes, L.L. Cool J has set up an interesting dichotomy of father figure and bedroom music producer. How does he deal with that while having a daughter?


L.L. dances around this by simply making an honest attempt at instilling proper values in them. He doesn’t do this by ruling with an iron fist. He wants his kids out there living and experiencing life. What he does is draw a line between how his music should be viewed – entertainment – and how to live life as a good human being.

L.L. Cool J: Authentic Review

One of the more interesting things about L.L. Cool J’s new album, Authentic, are the guest appearances. Two of the strangest collaborations come from Van Halen and Brad Paisley. L.L. chose these unique guests to show that hip-hop is not a genre that has to be pigeonholed into the cloches of gangster posturing and drama. His new album is less about all of that and more about relatable topics.

He also spoke on a controversial song called, “Accidental Racist,” the collaboration with Brad Paisley. Some people found the song inappropriate, but L.L. wanted to share with us his views on the song, specifically the lines, “If you don’t judge my do-rag / I won’t judge your red flag / If you don’t judge my gold chains / I won’t judge your iron chains.” L.L. thinks the song is about moving on from the past. If the white man doesn’t want to be judged for racism in the past, then they should be less judgemental on the image of African Americans in the present.

L.L. Cool J On NCIS: Los Angeles

In addition to his musical career, L.L. Cool J has also taken up acting. This is his fourth season on CBS’s NCIS: Los Angeles, and he talked a little about what might be going on in his season’s finale. His character, Sam Hannah, is undercover and in quite a bit of trouble with people he has had trouble with in the past.


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