The View: Kimberly’s Simply Southern & Little Big Town Award Winners


The View: Kimberly’s Simply Southern Review

Little Big Town‘s Kimberly Schlapman not only provides looks and some great pipes to the band, she also has her own show on GAC called Kimberly’s Simply Southern, where the singer visits places around America to get new recipes and cook them up with a Southern twist. Today, she showed us a dish she thought of after she spent a day on a lobster boat in Maine with a man she called Captain Jim. Presumably inspired by her time on the lobster boat, Kimberly cooked up a lobster casserole.

The View: Kimberly's Simply Southern & Little Big Town Award Winners

Little Big Town’s Kimberly Schlapman showed off her cooking skills. (s_bukley /


Topped with Ritz crackers and butter, the delicious dish was complemented with turkey meatballs, which were made with sourdough bread soaked in buttermilk and topped with pecans to lend the turkey a little more of a meatier vibe. As a delicious side, there were bacon-infused cheddar biscuits, which Little Big Town band members Jimi Westbrook and Phillip Sweet actually helped her cook up on her show.

For dessert, there was vinegar pie, which despite its not-so-yummy sounded name, is actually quite a delicious treat that, like the turkey meatballs, has pecans in it to give the pie some crunchy texture.

The View: Little Big Town Wins Grammy, CMA & ACM

Moving past the decadent food and onto the matter of Little Big Town’s music, Sherri mentioned that the country group won the CMA and the ACM for vocal group of the year recently. On top of that, the group won a Grammy for their song “Pontoon.”


Karen Fairchild said that the group had been nominated for a lot of things in the past, but never won anything. When their names were finally called this year, they all just about jumped out of their skins. Karen also mentioned that they won a Daytime Emmy award for their song “Good Afternoon,” which they wrote for Good Afternoon America.

The View: Little Big Town Performs “Your Side Of The Bed”

Little Big Town’s latest album, Tornado, has spawned the single “Your Side Of The Bed,” and they performed that for us on the show today. The performance went off without a hitch, and the interplay of their respective vocal performances was great, and showed just why they have seen the success that they have.


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