The View: Kendra Wilkinson Vs Greg Louganis Splash Diving Competition


The View: Kendra Wilkinson

Kendra Wilkinson has made a big impression on the contestants and audience in Splash. She has clashed with her coach, and she is even afraid of heights. Kendra came on The View to talk about her situation and the show.

The View: Kendra Wilkinson Splash


The View: Kendra Wilkinson Vs Greg Louganis Splash Diving Competition

Kendra Wilkinson talked about her fear of heights and the celebrity new high dive competition Splash, where she is clashing with coach Greg Louganis. (Featureflash /

Since she has a fear of heights, why did she want to do the show Splash? Kendra explained that she is afraid of planes, but she did not realize until doing the show how afraid she was of heights and falling.

“I never have stopped one foot on a diving board before this show,” she said, listing off the other sports she plays. “I’m actually good at everything.”


The View: Kendra Wilkinson Fear Of Heights

Being faced with a three-story diving board really scared her, she figured out. From the audience, her son encouraged her with an “I love you.” In one clip from the show, Kendra was able to go through with her dive thanks to her young son’s encouragement.

Kendra had warned everyone that she might not be able to go through with her first dive, even after six weeks of training. With the encouragement of her husband and her son, she managed to overcome her fear.

The View: Kendra Wilkinson Vs Greg Louganis

Coach Greg Louganis knows about trouble in the water. He infamously hit his head on a diving board years ago, and now he is offering his diving expertise on Splash. But why is he clashing so much with Kendra?

Kendra got defensive when Greg claimed that she was faking her fear of heights. She obviously disagrees with him, and Whoopi Goldberg played devil’s advocate, pointing out that Kendra signed up for a high dive competition.

The View: Splash Review

In two months of training, she worked to overcome her fear of heights. But she continued to struggle when faced with the three-meter board. You can see more of Kendra quaking in terror over the prospect of diving when Splash airs Tuesday nights on ABC.


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