The View: Kate Gosselin Vs Kendra Wilkinson Celebrity Wife Swap


The View: Celebrity Wife Swap

A new season of Celebrity Wife Swap is about to kick off. In the show’s season premiere, mother of eight Kate Gosselin is trading lives with Kendra Wilkinson, causing culture shock all around. Gosselin was on The View to talk about the “rude awakening” of the experience.

The View: Kate Gosselin Wife Swap

The View: Kate Gosselin Vs Kendra Wilkinson Celebrity Wife Swap

From the new Celebrity Wife Swap, Kate Gosselin told the ladies of The View about trading places with Kendra Wilkinson and going from eight kids to one. (s_bukley /


Gosselin chalked up the compliments about her figure to her busy life managing eight children. As for how she got mixed up in Celebrity Wife Swap despite not having a spouse, that is a great question. Maybe they should change the name to Celebrity Life Swap?

She said that the producers seemed to watch to tweak the format, and didn’t mind that she is no longer married. Busy single mom Gosselin traded lives with Wilkinson, who has a husband, as well as a nanny and maid for just one child.

The View: Kendra Wilkinson Vs Kate Gosselin

How did Kendra do juggling eight kids instead of one? Gosselin said it was hard for her to get used to having just one child, which has never happened in her life. She said it was strange for her to think about what she wanted to do and how she wanted to spend her time.


Guest co-host Brooke Shields said that it was interesting to compare the differing lifestyles in the episode, noting that a household with eight children has to be more regimented by necessity. However, Wilkinson’s one child has a much freer schedule.

The View: Celebrity Wife Swap Review

“We both came away learning something,” Gosselin said of her time on the show. She has learned that sometimes you can let go and be spontaneous.

Though she did not run this experience by her ex-husband Jon, she did talk about it with her children beforehand, and they were excited about the idea. But they agreed that they preferred to get back to their regular life with Kate.

The View: Kate Gosselin Single

Kate said that she would love to date someone like Hank Baskett, after spending a week with him. She said that it is hard to date when you are a single mom.

You can see the shenanigans on Celebrity Wife Swap, Tuesday nights on ABC.



  1. Juanita B says

    It is quite odd that Kate Gosselin said she would like to date someone like Hank Baskett. I live by her and all the locals know she does not hangout with any minorities and has exhibited racist behavior. I guess she is trying to repair her image.

  2. Angel says

    I have never watched Celebrity Wife Swap before, but the thought of getting to see Kendra leaving her pampered life to take care of 8 kids was just too much to resist! I work fulltime at DISH, but I don’t have any kids, so I have no clue how I would have taken the situation if I were her, lol. In the end though, I can totally see how this was a learning experience and would have missed everything if I didn’t have a DISH Hopper. It lets me access all of my recordings and watch live TV right from my IPad, so even though I am out of town for the next two weeks I don’t have to worry about missing any new shows.

  3. msbuck says

    crazy… Kendra is tha best….how can Kate act like that insane…. I’m a mother of 9 and I feel Kendall is tha shiit supa good wife n mom …..Hank is lucky to have her……wow….Katie n her fake made 8 needs to go sit he ass down………!!!!!!nasty having kids for showbiz…..gross

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