The View: Kara DioGuardi BRCA2 Gene & Prophylactic Mastectomy Surgery


The View: Kara DioGuardi BRCA2 Gene

After trying to get pregnant four years ago and having infertility issues, Kara DioGuardi later discovered that a likely cause for this was the presence of the BRCA2 gene mutation, which upped her chances to get ovarian cancer or breast cancer by 80 percent. After making this shocking discovery, she stopped fertility treatments, went with a surrogate, and underwent an intense medical procedure. To prevent cancer from ever being a potential threat Kara had her uterus, ovaries, and fallopian tubes removed.

The View: Kara DioGuardi BRCA2 Gene & Prophylactic Mastectomy Surgery

Kara DioGuardi talked about undergoing prophylactic mastectomy. (s_bukley /


Kara’s steps to preventative health don’t stop there, though. In two weeks, she will be undergoing yet another procedure: prophylactic mastectomy. In case you didn’t know what this is, it is the removal of one or both breasts on a woman. She really is going the extra mile with this thing.

The View: Kara DioGuardi Prophylactic Mastectomy

How does she feel about losing the last part of physical womanhood that she really has? Sad, but simultaneously happy. “I’ve always really liked my boobs, but the ones they’re gonna give me are even better,” she said with a laugh. This final procedure will reduce her risk of breast cancer to about five percent.

Her biggest reason for the procedure, her recently born baby boy (who was a hefty 18 pounds), was brought out on stage for the world to see. Yes. He was as cute as you thought he’d be. Barbara wanted to keep him.


The View: Kara DioGuardi On American Idol

Lance Bass mentioned that American Idol‘s ratings have slipped since she left and wondered if Kara DioGuardi would ever consider sitting as a judge on the show once again. Kara, unfortunately, responded with a pretty solid no. There are already so many shows out there looking for talent, she said. In addition to that, she agreed with Sherri Shepherd that shows like American Idol have become more about the judges than they have about the actual talent.



  1. Koichi Ito says

    Since both Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston have undergone preventive double mastectomy. So do the right thing Kara DioGuardi be brave!

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