The View: Julianne Moore What Maisie Knew & Freckleface Strawberry


The View: Julianne Moore Comes To The View

What Maisie Knew tells the story of an aging rock star, Susanna, who is locked in a custody battle with her husband, while her six-year-old child is caught in the middle. Julianne Moore plays Susanna, and she came on The View May 24 2013 to tell us a little more about the character and the movie.

The View: Julianne Moore Was An Army Brat

The View: Julianne Moore What Maisie Knew & Freckleface Strawberry

Julianne Moore shared a little about her part in her latest performance, What Maisie Knew.


The interview actually started with a little bit of trivia. Julianne Moore was actually an army brat, born at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Her father was in the 82nd airborne division, and was a helicopter pilot in Vietnam. After the war, her father went to college, and then rejoined the army after he graduated. During this time, her family moved around 23 times, which would give your average youth exactly…zero minutes and zero seconds to make any friends at any of the nine different schools she attended. Must have been a lonely childhood!

Despite all of the moving, being an army brat made Julienne very adaptable. She also came to learn that character is not defined by behavior because behavior is just behaviour, and can be altered at any time, whereas character is instilled.

The View: Julianne Moore What Maisie Knew Review

Julianne Moore’s character in What Maisie Knew, Susanna, is anything but a consistent mother. She will be lavishing Maisie with love and presents one second, and neglecting and yelling at her the next. Given that Julianna is a mother herself and knows all of the rules to motherhood, she was made that much more aware of all the wrongdoings Susanna committed in What Maisie Knew.


The inconsistency in Susanna’s character made this one of the more demanding roles that Julianna has played, both for her and the six-year-old actress who plays Maisie, Onata Aprile, an unknown in the acting world. Julianne said that she had to do some pretty extensive prep with Onata in between scenes so that she was aware that the wide range of emotions that inundated each take were just pretend. This was especially important because Onata is the star of the movie, and the story unfolds from her point of view throughout.

The View: Julianne Moore Freckleface Strawberry Review

In addition to acting Julianne Moore has also dabbled in writing with her kid’s book, Freckleface Strawberry.

What Maisie Knew is currently in theatres everywhere.


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