The View: John Stamos Not Gay with Jon Hamm & Losing it with John


The View: John Stamos Yogurt Commercial

The ladies of The View love John Stamos and they really love him in his new yogurt commercial. They all said they have been eating yogurt for breakfast everyday but they were disappointed that every time they get on a plane, he isn’t the one sitting next to them.

John Stamos Necessary Roughness Review

John Stamos stars in the hit show Necessary Roughness as a sports psychologist for a football team. While the show dealt with only football players in previous seasons, Stamos’ character, along with the football franchise, built an all around sports entertainment and sports health building where they treat all types of patients. Stamos said this season fans will see all types of athletes along with the “Lindsay Lohan types.”


The View: John Stamos Not Gay with Jon Hamm & Losing it with John Show

The View invited John Stamos on the show to talk about his night out on the town with Jon Hamm and his new web series Losing it with John.
(Helga Esteb /

While he plays a sports therapist on the show, Stamos said he doesn’t know much about sports. The last time he played a sport, he went golfing with his father, sliced the ball off the fairway and almost killed a woman playing another hole.

“I could learn the doctor lingo better than the sports stuff,” said Stamos.


Can you believe the concept of the show came from a true story?

John Stamos and Jon Hamm Paint Atlanta Red

John Stamos and Jon Hamm recently got together while in Atlanta for a night out. Stamos was a little worried about all the fans rushing them but Hamm said it wouldn’t be a big deal, which it wasn’t for him. Stamos said he was mobbed right when he stepped out of the car but he didn’t mind. He found it especially humorous when no one went over to Hamm for an autograph, with one Stamos fan even asking if Hamm was his father.

There night didn’t end there. The next morning, in the paper, there was a story about the two hunks going out and whether or not they are gay together. Apparently they were both voted onto the same list of the top seven celebrities people wish were gay.

Losing it with John Webisode

John Stamos also has another show airing on called Losing it with John. The webisodes focus on different celebrities every episode with Stamos talking with them about how they lost their virginity.

He tried to ask the ladies how they lost theirs but only Whoopi chimed in saying she lost hers at 17.

“How was it when I lost mine? I felt happy,” said Stamos when they turned the questioning on him.

He also made sure to add that show is not vulgar. It is more about the emotional side. How losing the virginity changed the person. What it taught them. How they remember it. Questions that dig below the surface of the act.


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