The View: John Malkovich Crossbones Preview & Technobohemian Fashion


The View: John Malkovich

Producer, director, fashion designer—this is John Malkovich, an actor/renaissance man that can go from period piece films like Dangerous Liaisons  to popcorn flicks such as Red at the drop of one of the many hats that he wears. He came on the show today to talk about his eclectic career and some of the characters that he’s portrayed.

The View: John Malkovich Brings Dangerous Liaisons To The Stage

The View: John Malkovich Crossbones Preview & Technobohemian Fashion

John Malkovich previewed his new show Crossbones. (Featureflash /


After playing the devious Vicomte de Valmont in Dangerous Liaisons in 1988, it looks like John Malkovich decided direct his own rendition of the period piece on the stage, but with a more modern setting. The play opened in Paris last January with a  very young cast of unknown French actors and ran for about six months last year. The play just finished touring in France and will be coming to New York in July for around a week, according to John.

The View: John Malkovich The Giacomo Variations Review

John Malkovich’s most recent foray onto the stage as an actor is coming from his role in the chamber opera, The Giacomo VariationsA chamber opera is a theater piece that has a lot of opera music in it. It is based on Casanova’s autobiography and tells the story of his life. He describes the music as something like Mozart’s greatest hits. John says that he does sing in the production, but says that ” it depends on how you define ‘singing.'”

John describes Casanova as a something of a renaissance man (much like himself). He was a soldier, priest, alchemist, spy, and a million other things, which made him a very interesting man certainly worth writing a chamber opera about.


The View: John Malkovich’s Technobohemian Fashion Label

One out-of-left-field profession that John Malkovich has taken on is the role of fashion designer with his clothing line, Technobohemian. All of his designs start from a sketch book and then attends a twice-a-year fabric fare outside of Paris to choose the fabric. He says that he would describe it as a hobby, but for how much time and money it requires, he might have to call it more than that.

The View: John Malkovich Crossbone Preview

John Malkovich will be taking on the role of Blackbeard the pirate in the upcoming NBC action adventure series Crossbones. The story is essentially about who is going to control the instrument to measure longitude.

With a career this varied, what does John look for when he takes on a role? Well, it’s a variety of things, actually. He has done things just because a friend asked him. He has done things because a production has a certain actor or director he wants to work with that he may not get too many chances to work with. His acting career seems to mirror his interests – kind of all over the place and for reasons that you might not expect.

The View: The Cast Of Matilda On Broadway Performs Naughty And Revolting Children

After conquering London, Matlida, which has been nominated for 12 Tony Awards, the cast of Matilda took their show to Broadway. They came on The View to perform the song Naughty And Revolting Children from the musical.

I can tell you after seeing it live that I pretty much want to go to Broadway right now and buy a ticket. The music was an interesting mix of cinematic productions that you would expect to hear in a musical that bled into a catchy pop tune. For being so young, the singing from the performers was great, and the dance choreography was fantastic and powerfully performed.

If you’re reading this from New York City, get over to Broadway and see this show as soon as possible.


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