The View: Jim Gaffigan Dad Is Fat Review & Life In Two-Room Apartment


The View: Dad Is Fat Review

Jim Gaffigan, one of the top five most successful stand-up comedians in the country, has an amazing personal life—amazing enough to write down on a lot of paper and title it Dad Is Fat. He and his wife, Jeannie, have five children, all under age nine. Of course he was asked how that happened. Playing coy, Jim said that he doesn’t even know how babies are made, and described the feeling he had upon the birth of his fifth child like so: “…just imagine you’re drowning, and then, someone hands you a baby.”

The View: Jim Gaffigan – Parenting Is A Cult

The View: Jim Gaffigan Dad Is Fat Review & Life In Two-Room Apartment

Jim Gaffigan talked about his new book, Dad Is Fat.


“It goes beyond the exhaustion and being poorly dressed,” said Jim Gaffigan on parenting. “You focus completely on the cult leader, which is your child, you move to the suburbs to be around other cult members, you drink Kool-Aid….”

I get the distinct feeling that sentiment will be present in an upcoming act of his, unless it’s already been in one. If it has, just ignore that little piece of pop-culture obliviousness I just displayed and keep reading.

The View: Jim Gaffigan Angers Twitter Followers

If you crack open the one-million page epic called Women For Dummies and turn to the chapter on how to upset women, you might find that it would shy you away from making tweets like this: “Ladies I hope getting your nails done feels good because not a single man notices you got them done.” Upon making this tweet, many of his follows got angry, and Jim Gaffigan went on record to say his Twitter account was hacked by Anthony Weiner (meaning that, no, his account wasn’t actually hacked) (oh, and Women For Dummies is not a real book either, nor would it be a million pages long if it was one).


Jokes aside, Jim loved the outrage and wanted to clear the air in saying that the tweet isn’t some sociopolitical commentary on women seeking the approval of men, but something much more mundane. The tweet was actually hatched when his wife came home one day and showed him her nails, which she had recently gotten done, and he remembers thinking, “I don’t care.” He didn’t write the tweet thinking like someone from the 1950s era, and was instead poking fun at that era.

The View: The Inspiration Behind Dad Is Fat

You might wonder why Jim Gaffigan called his book Dad Is Fat, and it turns out that it was actually the first sentence that his son Jack ever wrote. Think that’s cute? Well, they then played a clip of a faux book interview carried out by his children, and it was the type of adorable that makes people that like adorable things excitedly utter “Ooh!” and squeeze themselves.

The View: Jim Gaffigan’s Family Lives In A Two-Bedroom Apartment

You’d think a guy as successful as Jim Gaffigan would be living in a mansion or some other large structure at this point in his career, right? Wrong. Him and his family all squeeze into a two-bedroom apartment. Pulling out an illustration on how they make it work, Jim made a pretty solid case to the audience for raising five children in one. I might even try it some day based off of his blueprints (thanks, Jim).


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