The View: Jessica Paré Mad Men Season 6 & Lil Bub Osteopetrosis


The View: Jessica Paré

Jessica Paré plays soap opera star Megan, the young wife of Don Draper on AMC’s critically acclaimed Mad Men. What’s it like getting intimate on the set with Jon Hamm, and what does the future hold for Megan?

The View: Jessica Paré Mad Men Season 6

The View: Jessica Paré Mad Men Season 6 & Lil Bub Osteopetrosis

From Mad Men, actress Jessica Paré talked about her character’s career evolution in season 6 of the 1960s drama. (s_bukley /


This season so far on Mad Men, “Don is cheating again, [Megan] just had a miscarriage, and also [her] career is starting to take off….,” Joy Behar recapped. “Is the relationship doomed?”

Paré could not say much about the future of the show. But in the past, Don and Megan did work together in the office and they shared an intimacy as a team. The character ended up leaving advertising to pursue her own dreams of acting, which Paré suspected that her character’s husband has taken very personally.

The View: Mad Men Love Scenes

Barbara Walters reminded everyone that the show takes place in the 1960s, and prodded Paré for some insight into her future on the show. “Honestly, I feel like every episode’s going to be my last,” the actress said.


What is it like for Paré to do love scenes with Jon Hamm on TV? She said that it is not very romantic on the set, because it is a job and you are surrounded by a crew.

“Most of our most intimate moments happen in scenes where it’s actually about the dialogue and the characters and that connection,” she said.

The View: Jessica Paré Vs Megan Draper

Walters wondered whether the character of Megan was based on Paré, because they have so much in common, including their ancestry and French language skills. She recalled that the initial description was vague, and her own background may have contributed to the development.

The ladies looked back at Paré’s alluring “Zou Bisou Bisou” performance from Mad Men season 5. The actress said the performance highlighted the contrasts between Megan and Don, while also creating tension between them.

Paré’s parents were both performers, and her father was trained as a mime, which is a fun fact. You can watch Paré in new episodes of Mad Men, Sundays on AMC.

The View: Lil Bub Osteopetrosis

The ladies of The View also met Lil Bub, an online sensation and a guest at the Tribeca Film Festival. Lil Bub, a cat, is two years old, weighs four pounds, and lives in Indiana.

She has Osteopetrosis, which has caused some bone deformities, but internally, she is very healthy. Lil Bub is the subject of a documentary screened at the film festival.


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