The View: Jessica Capshaw Fake Leg & Grey’s Anatomy Season Nine Finale


The View: Jessica Capshaw – Grey’s Anatomy Finale

The Grey’s Anatomy season finale was pretty rough on Jessica Capshaw. After her character, Arizona, lost her leg in a plane crash, she might have also lost her wife after a moment of passion with another woman. She came on the show today to talk about the finale.

What led Arizona to the moment of passion? She has dealt with the loss of a limb and PTSD and has been very on guard as a result of that. Jessica thinks it was all of this, coupled with the flirtations of another woman that treated her as an object of affection, that caused her to crumble.


The View: Jessica Capshaw Fake Leg & Grey's Anatomy Season Nine Finale

Jessica Capshaw came by The View to give us a Grey’s Anatomy finale preview. (image credit: Helga Esteb /

Jessica Capshaw Danced For Barbara Walters As a Child

Jessica Capshaw actually met Barbara when she was nine. Her stepfather is Steven Spielberg, and Barbara came to their house to see him. She remembers a nine-year-old Jessica showing her some ballet dance moves for her. Cute!

Grey’s Anatomy: Arizona Cheats On Callie

The relationship between Arizona and Callie (dubbed by fans as “Calzona”) has been put in jeopardy after Arizona cheated on Callie with another woman. The couple is very important to the LGBT community, and Whoopi wanted to know if Jessica Capshaw was worried how they might react to it.


Jessica wasn’t so much worried as she was concerned with approaching the situation with tenderness. The reasoning behind the infidelity was to show that same-gender marriages have their problems, just like any other couple. Given that they have never encountered any big relationship issues throughout the show, they thought it was time they upset the apple cart a little.

Jessica Capshaw’s Fake Leg

How does Jessica Capshaw deal with the fake leg? It was a big adjustment to make to her character right after having a child in the real world, but when she came on set, Jessica would focus on nothing but that part. To achieve this effect, they tie her leg behind her waist and CGI it out.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 9 Finale

Jessica Capshaw also gave a sneak peak of tonight’s Grey’s Anatomy finale. Arizona will not only be dealing with the fallout she incurred as a result of cheating on her wife, but she will also be handling a delivery room full of mothers short-staffed and in the midst of a storm that may knock out the power.

Jessica Capshaw’s Husband Writes Down Their Children’s Cute Quotes

Jessica Capshaw’s husband started writing down all of the cute things that their kids say, and it caught on with her, too. However, her husband handles most of the duties because she has a very poor long term memory. It makes for a very interesting arrangement.

Catch the Grey’s Anatomy season finale tonight on ABC at 9:00 p.m.


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