The View: Jesse Tyler Ferguson Bow Ties & Aubrey Anderson-Emmons


The View: Jesse Tyler Ferguson Bow Ties

From the hit comedy Modern Family, Jesse Tyler Ferguson was back on The View to talk about his popular series, working with five-year-old Aubrey Anderson-Emmons, and getting engaged in Mexico. Plus, what is the story with those Jesse Tyler Ferguson bow ties.


The View: Modern Family Review

The View: Jesse Tyler Ferguson Bow Ties & Aubrey Anderson-Emmons

The View got the story about the success of Modern Family and the genesis of Jesse Tyler Ferguson bow ties through his Tie The Knot Foundation for charity. (Joe Seer /

Though Modern Family has been a hit series for four years now, Ferguson was initially reluctant to accept his success.

“I’m always waiting for the other shoe to drop,” he said of his acting rejections in the past. The series has now won three Emmys for best comedy, and there are plenty of acting nominations and awards to go around.


“We’re now in the backlash phase, and people hate us,” he said.

The View: Aubrey Anderson-Emmons

Elisabeth Hasselbeck said that she loves to watch the show, and Ferguson’s character’s daughter, Lily. She wanted to know what it is like playing opposite a five-year-old.

During the early seasons, Lily was a baby, but an older actress took on the role starting in the show’s third season. In an episode where Lily gets lost in a supermarket. Aubrey Anderson-Emmons plays Mitchell and Cameron’s adopted daughter.

Ferguson said that he never expected to play a father in this role on TV, and he would like to become a father in real life eventually. “I like being able to give the child back at the end of the day, and then not worry about it,” he joked.

The View: Jesse Tyler Ferguson Engaged

Before kids will come marriage for Ferguson, who is engaged to Justin Mikita. He said that he proposed to Mikita during a trip to Mexico. Jesse got Justin an engraved Rolex watch instead of a ring.

The View: Tie The Knot Foundation

Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Whoopi Goldberg were both sporting bow ties from the Tie The Knot Foundation, which Justin and Jesse started together to raise money in support of marriage equality.

He said that he is trying to bring back the trend of bow ties. The limited edition styles of bow ties do sell out, and the first line of bow ties sold out in the first month. You can buy them online.

New episodes of Modern Family air Wednesdays on ABC.


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