The View: Jane Seymour Open Hearts Foundation & Lovestruck Musical


The View: Jane Seymour

Jane Seymour is still going strong, as The View hosts saw in a clip from her latest TV movie, Lovestruck: The Musical. The longtime TV star went blonde for the movie, but she was back to her signature hair color for her interview, talking about the movie and her work with the Open Hearts Foundation.

The View: Jane Seymour Lovestruck

The View: Jane Seymour Open Hearts Foundation & Lovestruck Musical

From ABC Family’s new movie Lovestruck: The Musical, Jane Seymour talked about her dance training and her work with the Open Hearts Foundation charity. (Helga Esteb /


You can see her do the splits and perform Lady Gaga music in the ABC Family movie Lovestruck. Seymour’s character stars as a choreographer whose star daughter wants to leave her career and marry a prince.

When Seymour’s character hurts her knee, she is given a tincture that reverses her age by decades. Her younger persona in the film is played by Chelsea Kane, who worked with Seymour so their mannerisms and performance as the character would be consistent.

The View: Jane Seymour Dance Moves

Seymour said she worked out with dancers and a choreographer while preparing for the movie. It helped her be able to do the splits for the first time in her life.


Seymour was also a former Dancing With The Stars competitor, so she could compare notes with Sherri Shepherd and guest co-host Maria Menounos from Extra.

You can see the actress’s latest moves in Lovestruck: The Musical, premiering Sunday, April 21 2013 on ABC Family.

The View: Jane Seymour Grandmother

Jane also showed off a picture of her third grandchild, Willa Mighty Simon. She is a proud grandmother of the six-week-old baby. But she already got to go to a red carpet event.

Seymour talked about childproofing her house. She once thought she would have a time where there were not children in her house, but they have always been around in some form or another.

After more than 20 years, Seymour has divorced from James Keach. “It’s life. It happens,” she said, adding that they will continue to co-parent their children and be a part of one another’s lives.

The View: Jane Seymour Open Hearts Foundation

At the Open Hearts Foundation, Seymour and others honor people who have turned life challenges into opportunities to help others. The foundation recently had a fundraiser and honored guests including Hannah Storm, Marie Tillman, and Lee Woodruff.

“It really inspires every one of us to open our hearts when things are tough and see what we can do to be of service in some way to help other people,” Seymour said.


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