The View: Jane Lynch Annie Preview, Glee Review & Hollywood Game Night


The View: Jane Lynch Broadway’s Annie Preview

Jane Lynch made her Broadway debut in May, playing the despicable Miss Hannigan in the classic musical Annie. How did Jane prepare for this role? Well, since she was in Los Angeles and the show is in New York, she had to do a lot of practicing on her own, “in my own little head,” as she put it. The only real help she had was a dance instructor to help her with the steps for the dance numbers that she went to on the weekends.

As she got meaner and meaner to play the…um, mean role in Annie, Jane jokes that her character on Fox’s Glee, Sue Sylvester got meaner and meaner.


The View: Carol Burnett Congratulated Jane Lynch On The Role

The View: Jane Lynch Annie Preview, Glee Review & Hollywood Game Night

Jane Lynch talked about her role on Broadway’s Annie. (Helga Esteb /

Carol Burnett, who played the role of Miss Hannigan in the 1982 film version of Annie, didn’t call Jane Lynch up to offer her any advice, but she did send her a text congratulating her the day that the news broke. As someone who grew up and loving her, Jane said that it was an honor to, over the years, become friends with Carol.

The View: Jane Lynch Wrote Herself Into Mary Tyler Moore Scenes

If you take a look into Jane Lynch’s past, it should come as no surprise that she grew up to play some of the roles she’s played. She came from a musical theater family, and the film Grease was an obsession of hers growing up. The first musical that Jane ever did was Gypsy, where she played Electra, an exotic dancer.


When she was 12 years old, Jane would even go as far as to write herself into Mary Tyler Moore scenes in movies. She would write herself in as a character that only Mary Tyler Moore understood, and would offer her validation.

The View: Jane Lynch On The Challenges Of Performing In Both Glee And Annie

With Jane Lynch performing in essentially two different musicals with Glee and now Annie, she said that there are quite a few differences. First of all, all the performances are live and no longer on a set. Then, Jane found herself out of breath in many of the scenes on Annie because you have to project your voice, making it easy to run out of breath. To fix this problem, she started hiking to get her cardiovascular system in better shape.

The cast of Glee came to the show to show their support for Jane.

The View: Jane Lynch On Glee School Shooting Episode

On Glee, Jane Lynch recently played a part in a very controversial episode in which a student brings a gun to school. Some felt that it too close to the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting, but Jane made sure to say that, if they brought anyone any additional pain, she is sorry, but ultimately thinks it fit in the context of Glee. The show covers a lot of issues that kids are facing today, and one of them is bringing a loaded gun to school.

The View: Jane Lynch Hollywood Game Night Preview

It looks like Jane Lynch is staying quite busy nowadays, because in addition to playing all those roles, she is also hosting a show called Hollywood Game Night. The show has six celebrities and two civilians in two teams of four, and they do their versions of charades, name that tune, and other games. 


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