The View: Is Lea Michele Pregnant On Glee & 500th Musical Performance


The View: Lea Michele Pregnant?

From the Fox soap Glee, Lea Michele visited The View to talk about the series’ upcoming 500th musical performance. She also reflected on some of the show’s most memorable moments so far, and which season was her favorite. Is Lea Michele pregnant on Glee?

In a clip from the series, Michele’s character spars with her roommates during a pregnancy scare. Do you think Rachel will turn out to be pregnant or not?


The View: Glee Rachel Pregnant?

The View: Is Lea Michele Pregnant On Glee & 500th Musical Performance

Is Lea Michele pregnant in the new season of Glee? She dropped hints about what’s next for her character and reflected on the show’s 500 musical numbers. (Helga Esteb /

Walters had some serious questions about Michele’s character. She did admit that either Rachel will turn out to be pregnant or her new boyfriend Brody will turn out to have a scandalous career path.


Michele sported real nail polish, not gel nail polish, which is under scrutiny as a potential cancer risk from UV rays.

The View: Glee 500th Musical Number

Glee is also preparing to celebrate the show’s 500th musical number. Which one is her favorite from the series? She said that it all goes back to “Don’t Stop Believing” in the show’s first episode.

She also also recalled a food fight, a performance in a swimming pool, and other memorable moments. Michele said that the current fourth season has been her favorite so far.

Kate Hudson and Whoopi Goldberg have been among the show’s guest stars. Goldberg said she had to wear eyelashes for the role and could not see a thing or even pronounce her character’s name.

Glee airs Thursday nights on Fox.

The View: Lea Michele Child Actress

Michele admitted that she has gotten addicted to The Bachelor this season, even though she said it is not real. At the age of eight, she had a role in Les Miserables. Walters wondered whether she felt like she missed out on her childhood as a young actress.

“I really feel like I got the best of both worlds,” she said. “I figured out what I wanted to do at a really young age.”

She recalled going to school during the day and performing in shows at night. That must have been an interesting childhood.

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The Viral Video of the Day on The View was an interview with a British journalist, Chris Stark. He had to chat with Mila Kunis, and the actress helped him overcome his nerves. Stark even asked her to be his date at a wedding.


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