The View: Holly Hunter & Sundance Channel Top of the Lake Review


The View: Top of the Lake Review

Holly Hunter stars as a spiritual leader in the new miniseries Top of the Lake. But when she is confronted by an investigator on the hunt for a missing person, Hunter’s character seems to have other motives than solving the case. She was on The View to talk about her new role.

The View: Holly Hunter & Lior Suchard

The View: Holly Hunter & Sundance Channel Top of the Lake Review

The View talked with actress Holly Hunter about her enigmatic role in the new Sundance Channel miniseries Top of the Lake, directed by Jane Campion. (s_bukley /


Holly Hunter ran into mentalist Lior Suchard backstage. He got Hunter to think of a name, write it on a piece of paper, and tear it up. Then he told her the name she wrote down. He is definitely an interesting character.

The View: Holly Hunter & Jane Campion

Holly Hunter previously worked with director Jane Campion in 1993’s The Piano, for which both women won Oscars. Now they are working together again in the Sundance Channel miniseries Top of the Lake.

At first, Hunter was reluctant to take the job, even though the part was written with her in mind. When she read the script, she felt like the role might be better for someone else.


“The enigmatic quality of the character was blowing my mind, and I felt like it was a guy,” she said.

The View: Top of the Lake Mystery

The miniseries Top of the Lake is a mystery set in New Zealand, tracking a missing 12-year-old girl who is pregnant. Hunter described it as a study of the community.

“Jane’s movies always really investigate a place, almost as much as they do a character,” Hunter said.

You can see Top of the Lake Monday nights on Sundance Channel, premiering March 18 2013.

The View: Holly Hunter Personal Life

Holly Hunter said that she does not watch TV at home. She does have a big flat screen, but no TV service in her home.

Hunter is notoriously private about her personal life. She thinks that is off limits, and has been successful in keeping that to herself over the years. She thinks that being consistent about that through the years has been a key to making it work.


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