The View: Holland Taylor Depression & Ann Richards Broadway Play


The View: Holland Taylor

From the CBS sitcom Two and a Half Men, actress Holland Taylor was on The View to talk about her one-woman show, Ann, about the late Ann Richards.

The View: Holland Taylor Ann Richards

Former Texas governor Ann Richards is the subject of a script written by Taylor herself. Taylor attempted to explain what compelled her to pursue this woman’s story.


“I met her only once, at a lunch, and I was thrilled to meet her,” Taylor said. “She was, I didn’t realize, a voice I always counted on being in my universe.”

The View: Holland Taylor Depression & Ann Richards Broadway Play

Actress Holland Taylor talked openly about her struggles with depression on The View, and why she wrote and stars in a Broadway play about Ann Richards. (Helga Esteb /

Richards passed away at age 73, and that spurred Taylor to take up this story, in a play directed by Benjamin Endsley Klein.


The View: Broadway Play Ann Review

Barbara Walters said that she did know Richards, and she praised Taylor’s characterization. The actress said she did not even know the woman’s whole story, such as the fact that Richards lost her second campaign for governor.

Though Taylor said she enjoyed writing for herself, this play will be her first and last. Ann is currently playing in Lincoln Center in New York City.

Hasselbeck reflected on the performer’s 30-year career, but she said there was a big speed bump amidst her career.

The View: Holland Taylor Depression

“Twenty-some years ago, more than that, I was put on antidepressants, because I had a severe depression,” she said. Her doctor told her at the time that she should expect to take them for the rest of her life.

Taylor said that medication helped her get through the hard times, but stressed the importance of therapy with medication. She eventually quit taking her medication and focused on changing her thoughts.

The View: Holland Taylor Positive Thinking

“What you think is what you are, and what you say is what you are and what you do,” she said. “Change the thought, change the feeling.”

Taylor stressed that paying attention to your own thoughts about yourself can be very important to your self-perception. She also said that Barbara looked great upon her return, which was true.


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