The View: Hilary Duff Johnson’s Baby Cares Cards & Two and a Half Men


The View: Hilary Duff

From Lizzy McGuire to motherhood, Hilary Duff has grown up in the public eye, and she was on The View to talk about her next acts, with Johnson’s Baby Cares and Two and a Half Men.

The View: Hilary Duff Motherhood

The View: Hilary Duff Johnson's Baby Cares Cards & Two and a Half Men

On The View, Hilary Duff talked about avoiding tabloid destruction, working with Johnson’s Baby Cares, and appearing on the Two and a Half Men finale. (s_bukley /


Duff had a Billboard #1 in 2005 with the song “Wake Up.” But she hasn’t worked on music for awhile. She told The View that she started getting inspired about music during her pregnancy, but has yet to follow through on that desire.

Her son is now a year old, and she has learned a lot about parenting. “I think the confidence that I have gotten since having him, and the intuition that just kicks in, is such a proud thing for a woman to feel,” she said.

Duff has declined to sell pictures of her child to tabloids or celebrity magazines. Though she said the money can be used for charity and make a difference, she and her husband decided not to put their baby in that position.


The View: Hilary Duff Vs Amanda Bynes Vs Lindsay Lohan

She has grown up in the business, acting since age 10. She came up in the era of Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes, and Jenny McCarthy wondered why Duff has matured while her contemporaries have flamed out.

“I really don’t know how to answer. There is definitely not a manual,” she said. “It’s really, I think, the people you surround yourself with and what standard you hold yourself to.”

Duff said she has always been afraid of her mom, which could be a factor. She said she also didn’t want to see herself embarrassed in the media. It encouraged her to keep her private life private.

The View: Johnson’s Baby Cares

With Johnson’s Baby Cares and Save The Children, Hilary said she is part of a campaign that supports new mothers. New moms need encouragement and support, she said.

You can create online care cards to encourage moms in your life, and social media interaction results in donations to child-friendly causes.

The View: Hilary Duff Two and a Half Men

Hilary Duff is guest starring on the season finale of Two and a Half Men. The episode airs May 9 on CBS. The actress said that she loved working on the show and playing against type.


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