The View: Helen Hunt The Sessions & Cheryl Cohen Greene Memoir


The View: Countdown To Oscar Sunday

Oscar Sunday is almost here, and The View invited Academy Award winner and current nominee Helen Hunt on the show to talk about her work in The Sessions.

The View: Helen Hunt The Sessions Review


The View: Helen Hunt The Sessions & Cheryl Cohen Greene Memoir

Academy Award winner Helen Hunt talked about her role as a surrogate in The Sessions, and the real life inspiration for her character, Cheryl Cohen Greene. (Featureflash /

Helen Hunt is nominated as Best Supporting Actress for The Sessions, in which she plays a surrogate who helps a quadriplegic man experience intimacy for the first time. The movie is based on a real woman.

What makes a surrogate different from a call girl is that a “surrogate doesn’t want your return business.” Hunt noted that the postscript to the story they told does have a happy ending, because the quadriplegic man spent the last years of his life in love.


The View: Helen Hunt Relationship Surrogate

She said that it was a completely new story for her, which stood out from many other relationship stories and scripts she had come across. She talked about the book How I Became A Human Being, written by Mark O’Brien, the man on whose story The Sessions is based.

“He said he felt the rest of the world was enjoying this banquet and he was on the other side of a pane of glass, and couldn’t be part of it,” Helen Hunt recalled.

In a clip from The Sessions, she and co-star John Hawkes meet for the first time, and Hunt’s character explains that they can meet for a maximum limit of six sessions.

The View: Helen Hunt The Sessions Review

Whoopi Goldberg said this is an interesting way of responding to the needs of disabled people. Helen Hunt also bared a lot of skin onscreen in the movie.

Helen said she is more confident about her body than she was when she was younger. She knew when she was considering the project that she had to let go of her insecurities.

“The idea of the movie is she is the embodiment of what it might be like to love yourself and connect with another person,” she said.

The View: Cheryl Cohen Greene Memoir

The real life surrogate whom Helen met is named Cheryl Cohen Greene, and she has a memoir of her own, called An Intimate Life. Hunt said that working with her was different than playing any other real life person she has portrayed in the past. She was inspired by Cohen Greene’s spirit and passion.

Helen Hunt said that she is choosy about her projects and that is why we have not seen much of her on screen in recent years. She said it is difficult to write a great movie, but she has tried her own hand at it in the movie Then She Found Me.

The Sessions is available on DVD, and the Oscars are February 24 2013 on ABC.


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