The View: Greta Gerwig Happy To Almost Be 30 & Frances Ha Review


The View: Greta Gerwig

Though actress Greta Gerwig is known for plenty of mainstream movies such as Arthur and Woody Allen’s To Rome With Love, she has also been making splashes in the indie-film scene with roles in movies like Frances Ha. In the movie, Greta’s character is a 27-year-old New Yorker that is going through an array of life problems, such as money, breakups, and job setbacks. Greta co-wrote the film, and Sherri asked if any of it was inspired by her life.

Greta said that a lot of it was inspired by her own life but also not inspired by her own life in that, though she did experience some career struggles, she does feel very lucky in her career to have sidestepped many of those type of problems. She did say that she feels very connected to the character, because she didn’t always pass through the path of least resistance.


The View: Greta Gerwig Happy To Almost Be Out Of Her 20s

The View: Greta Gerwig Happy To Almost Be 30 & Frances Ha Review

Greta Gerwig’s recent film, Frances Ha, is a hit, and she also had a hand in writing the film. (Featureflash /

Greta Gerwig is feeling relieved to almost be out of her 20s. Being 29, she has always felt that there is a tremendous amount of expectation to have all the fun you can have in your 20s, and it can be a little overwhelming to always be wondering where you are supposed to be at right this moment having fun, even when there is no fun to be had. With The View‘s cast being composed almost entirely of women in their 40s and beyond, they were all quick to tell her how much fun older age can be.

The View: Frances Ha Review

In Frances Ha, Greta Gerwig’s character, Frances, always refers to herself as “undateable,” but actually wears it as more of a badge of honor than a scarlet letter. At some point in the movie, though, she does start to realize that she should perhaps start making different choices in her life so that she can maybe experience love.


When she was writing it, she never even realized that she was going to play Frances, noting the insecurity she feels as an actor. She initially felt a feeling akin to making a big cake, and then eating it all by herself. After her agents told her how stupid she would be to not act in the movie, however, she realized the part was practically tailor made for her, by her.

Greta Gerwig wasn’t the only person who had doubts about being Frances Ha, though. Her parents, Christine Gerwig and Gordon Gerwig, also showed up in the movie as simply “Mom” and “Dad.” Though her father was very excited, her mother wasn’t. When Gordon told Christine that they would just find another actress to fill her spot, anyways, like Meryl Streep, she caved.

Frances Ha is currently playing in select theaters.


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