The View: George Lopez I’m Not Gonna Lie Review & Kidney Transplant


The View: George Lopez I’m Not Gonna Lie Review

Comedian George Lopez may have said he was cool with turning 50 and becoming single, but when his life changed seemingly overnight as a result of those things, he freaked out and decided to write a book so other guys didn’t have to go through the same thing, titled I’m Not Gonna Lie.

The View: George Lopez On Turning 50

The View: George Lopez I'm Not Gonna Lie Review & Kidney Transplant

George Lopez talked about life after 50 in his new book, I’m Not Gonna Lie. (s_bukley /


He used to laugh at protective garments and bathtubs that you can get into like a car, but now he owns one and is a prospective buyer for the other—you can figure that one out. He dyes his hair, got Botox in his forehead, and even wears spanks. For George Lopez, this is 50. In his book I’m Not Gonna Lie, he talks about how turning 50 has changed his life, and how he’s making it through it.

In the book, he mentions that your body starts to go and that basic activities can become “lethal.” What does he mean by this? It really comes down to this one quote, “I do pilates, but I’m trying not to fart most of the time.” Spoken like a poet, wise with age.

The View: George Lopez Single

Now that he’s divorced, George Lopez is back in the wonderful world of dating…at 50. Though this might be an intimidating prospect to your average man in his 50s, George reveled in the opportunity to make millions of women miserable, instead of just one.


Dating younger women doesn’t work for him, as he doesn’t feel you can say anything without coming off as parental. To add to that, he doesn’t even really want to date at all! George unfortunately doesn’t think he’s attractive enough to attract any women, at which the audience and the hosts all scoffed. Get real, George. You’re a (wealthy, wealthy, famous, wealthy) stud. You know the women love you when Whoopi calls you attractive.

The View: George Lopez Kidney Transplant

Though George Lopez tries to keep the tone light throughout his book, he does take one moment in I’m Not Gonna Lie to address something serious: namely, his kidney transplant that he had when he was 44. Having ignored the signs for quite some time, he finally got very sick. Thankfully, however, George was happy to report that he is quite healthy.


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