The View: Eva Longoria Ready For Love Review & Lays New Chip Flavors


The View: Eva Longoria

Actress and activist Eva Longoria has been busy since the end of Desperate Housewives, and she caught up with The View to dish about her latest projects, including new dating show Ready For Love.

The View: Eva Longoria President Obama

The View: Eva Longoria Ready For Love Review & Lays New Chip Flavors

The View spoke with Eva Longoria about her new reality series Ready For Love, the search for a pope, and the Lays $1 million contest for a new chip flavor. (Jaguar PS /


Eva Longoria served as co-chair for President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign, and she spoke out on behalf of the Latino community at campaign stops across the country. She said that it was a grueling schedule, but she had a lot of fun.

“I recommend everybody to travel the country, ‘cause then you’ll feel how hard it is to unite this country, because every state is so different,” she said.

She said it was like a fascinating social experiment and she got to “hear how policy affects people.” Eva spent plenty of time in Florida, and she may have misled the president about his chances there, but everything worked out in the end


The View: Eva Longoria Pope Search

After the campaign ended, Eva Longoria took a vacation to Mexico. She said her favorite part was talking with all the volunteers who were part of the campaign all across the country. From voting plans to countless hours and millions of volunteers, she thinks the political volunteers deserve kudos.

What does she think about the new possibility of a Latino pope taking office? Latinos comprise 42% of the Catholic population, according to Longoria. She said that she is more focused on who is best for the job.

She cited a New York Times article that compared the Vatican to an Italian village. Eva will definitely not be in the running for pope, but will she be running for office? She said that you don’t have to be a politician to create change.

“I think the most power is with the citizen,” she said. She is a proud American and loves that you can get as involved in the system of governance as you would like to be.

The View: Eva Longoria Girlfriends

Eva lives with a house full of her girlfriends, who came together after various life changes. “They just never left,” she said. It sounds like a fun way to extend the bonds of family and love.

Eva said that she grew up around women and did not have any brothers. There were no boys in her family for years. Do you think it is like a much younger version of The Golden Girls around her house?

The View: Eva Longoria Ugly Duckling

As a kid, Eva’s nickname was Ugly Duckling, because her sisters had blonde hair and light eyes. She was the fourth child, with black hair and dark skin.

“In a lot of cultures, being lighter skinned is better,” Eva said, recalling that she was not recognized as part of her family because she did not look like her sisters. She wondered whether she was adopted for a time.

The View: Eva Longoria Oil Change

Eva’s resume included performing oil changes as a college student. She worked at an auto parts store years ago, but she said that cars are much more complicated now, so she doesn’t still do her own car maintenance.

The View: Eva Longoria Ready For Love Review

In a new reality series produced by Longoria, a matchmaker helps three men search for mates. It’s called Ready For Love, and she participated in the casting process. The show’s goal was to modernize the concept of dating shows.

What about Eva? She said she is always ready for love.

The View: Lays Potato Chip Flavors

There is a $1 million Lays contest to come up with a new potato chip flavor. The finalists are Sriracha, Chicken & Waffles, and Cheesy Garlic Bread. Whoopi tried them all and she said that her favorite was Cheesy Garlic Bread.

Longoria said that you can vote for your favorite flavor on Facebook, and the winner will receive $1 million.


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