The View: Erasing Death Review, Reversing Death & Coming Back To Life


The View: Cheating Death

“What if death was just a medical condition that could be reversed?” Elisabeth Hasselbeck said. That is the premise of Erasing Death, and its author, Dr Sam Parnia, was on The View with a miracle patient to talk about his new research in reversing death.

The View: Dr Sam Parnia Reversing Death

The View: Erasing Death Review, Reversing Death & Coming Back To Life

The View talked with Dr Sam Parnia, the author of Erasing Death, about new medical advances that could mean reversing death and bringing people back to life.


Dr Sam Parnia said that the concept of death as fixed is a misconception. Scientific advances have shown that death is a progressive process. The cells do not start to die off until after the body’s systems shut down.

If a body is cooled down, according to Dr Parnia, you can slow the rate of cell death and give patients a chance to be brought back to life. This can prevent brain injuries in some cases as well, supposedly.

The View: Erasing Death Review

In a scene from Titanic where bodies were found in the water, Dr Parnia said that most of those people could be brought back to life using modern technology.


This sounded far-fetched to The View panel. “Are we now supposed to ice people that we think are dead?” Elisabeth wondered.

Dr Parnia said that CPR is one means of reversing death. Advances such as machines can keep CPR going for hours if necessary. “Then you can cool them down. There’s a machine that will take blood out of the body and then give it oxygen and pump it back around,” he said.

The View: Joe Tiralosi Back From The Dead

A patient, Joe Tiralosi, was brought back from death after a 2009 heart attack. He was revived after 47 minutes, because doctors acted quickly to cool his body using these new methods.

Joe thanked his medical team at New York Presbyterian for saving his life a few years ago. What does he remember about the experience?

The View: Coming Back From Death

He said that he has seen the other side, but he was having trouble explaining what he experienced “because it was so extraordinary.” He said that he was in pain and very afraid just before his heart attack.

Suddenly, he said that all his pain vanished and gave way to peace. When he first returned to life, he learned that he had spoken of his mother and grandmother during his near-death experience.

The View: Erasing Death & Future Healthcare

Elisabeth thanked Joe for sharing his own story. He said that long-term CPR and cooling are critical to future healthcare. You can read more about this in Dr Parnia’s book, Erasing Death.


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