The View: Edie Falco Brunette, Nurse Jackie Season 5 & The Madrid


The View: Edie Falco

Edie Falco is embarking on a fifth season as Nurse Jackie. This year, her character will return to work and face the challenge of maintaining her hard-fought sobriety in the Showtime series. The actress showed off a new Edie Falco brunette look in an interview for The View.

The View: Edie Falco Brunette


The View: Edie Falco Brunette, Nurse Jackie Season 5 & The Madrid

The View showed off a new Edie Falco brunette look in an interview about the fifth season of her Showtime series Nurse Jackie and her off-Broadway work. (Featureflash /

Edie Falco said that she went brunette for a play she is working on, since she has completed shooting the season of Nurse Jackie. Though she said she thinks this is her natural hair color, she noticed she has been treated differently by her own kids, and is less recognizable in public.

The View: Nurse Jackie Sobriety

Sobriety was one thing for Falco’s lead character in Nurse Jackie. But her husband wants a divorce, their daughter is acting out, and there are still many more challenges to overcome.


“The difference is she has to do it without her crutch now,” she said.

The View: Edie Falco Sobriety

Falco herself has over 20 years of sobriety in her personal life, and Elisabeth Hasselbeck speculated that the themes resonate with the actress. Edie said that she has spent most of her adult life sober, so she is used to dealing with life’s challenges.

But it is a new world for her on-screen character, who can no longer turn to her escape when things overwhelm her.

The View: Nurse Jackie Season 5 Review

Guest host Giada De Laurentiis wondered whether Nurse Jackie will be finding a new love in the upcoming season, but Falco was tight-lipped, other than to say there are men who are interested in her character.

The season premiere observes Jackie’s birthday, which the actress said will be a somewhat grim occasion. Nurse Jackie season five premieres Sunday, April 14 2013 on Showtime. In about 10 weeks, I will spend some time watching the full season in a sitting.

The View: Edie Falco The Madrid

Falco is now starring in the off-Broadway production The Madrid, in which her character abandons her family to live on her own. In real life, she is the mother of two children, ages eight and five.

She said that the play character has moments of relatability, but she hopes her own parenting style is “very sane.”


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