The View: Duck Dynasty – Phil Robertson Played With Terry Bradshaw?


The View: The Duck Dynasty Cast

Elisabeth Hasselbeck wasted no time in expressing her enthusiasm for the hit television series Duck Dynasty, or introducing the cast to the uninitiated. There’s Phil Robertson, the family patriarch, Willie Robertson, CEO of the family’s duck call enterprise, Jase Robertson, craftsman of the duck calls and Si Robertson, who mostly naps.

How Duck Dynasty Started

The View: Duck Dynasty - Phil Robertson Played With Terry Bradshaw?

The Duck Dynasty cast talked about how they made a business out of duck calls.


It all started in the ’70s, when Phil Robertson got a few degrees from Louisiana Tech. After graduating, he decided that he could either teach school or try to make something out of his unique duck call idea, whose certain reed configuration was unlike anything out there. He decided to go with the duck call idea, and, while acting as a commercial fisherman that also sold catfish and buffalo, worked on getting his duck call idea off the ground.

You might be wondering how many people out there could possibly want duck calls, but there are actually around 1.8 million people in Phil’s market. That number only got larger when their show went on the air, with parents now buying them for their children “just to make noise with,” according to Phil.

Duck Dynasty Beards & Duck Calls

When asked if they grew their beards just for Duck Dynasty, Phil Robertson hit us with some down south wisdom – “Two kinds of people do not have beards on planet earth – women and youth. I am neither,” and with that, the poetry hour came to a close on The View. 


Though Barbara felt quite a bit of sympathy for the “poor little ducks” that are lured to their doom by the Robertson duck calls, she could not help but be curious about how real exactly these calls sounded, and Jase was all to happy to oblige. After having Jase demonstrate proper usage of the call, Phil convinced Barbara, the most dignified woman on daytime television, to blow a duck call…and blow a duck call she did.

Phil Robertson Played Football With Terry Bradshaw?

During his time at Louisiana Tech, Phil Robertson was starting quarterback for the team – with none other than former NFL pro Terry Bradshaw as his back up! One day in the locker room, Phil told Terry that he could go play football if he wanted, but he was going to go chase ducks. When he got to Los Angeles, he encountered Bradshaw at the airport and discovered he saw far less stress going after ducks in the woods than Bradshaw did on the gridiron.

Duck Dynasty Season Four Speculation & Misconceptions

Jase, Willie and Si all took a moment to tell folks what to expect from season four of Duck Dynasty, and it sounded promising. The guys over at A&E have been great, according to them, and they will most definitely be back for a fourth season.

Willie addressed a common misconception about the Robertson family as seen on Duck Dynasty: that they are all dumb. Willie, who graduated college with a business degree, says to not let what they see on TV fool you, and that they are all very smart guys.

At the end of the show, all of the audience members were given copies of The Duck Commander Family by Willie and Korie Robinson and Happy, Happy, Happy by Phil Robinson.


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