The View: Dr Phil Domestic Violence & Escaping Abusive Relationships


The View: Dr Phil

Popular daytime advice guy Dr Phil was on The View with the ladies and guest host Jenny McCarthy. He addressed a serious issue facing many couples in America: domestic violence.

The View: Dr Phil Domestic Violence

The View: Dr Phil Domestic Violence & Escaping Abusive Relationships

On The View, Dr Phil talked about the importance of an effective exit strategy for domestic violence victims who want to leave abusive relationships behind.


Dr Phil explained that he has been very outspoken on the issue of domestic violence, even testifying before a congressional subcommittee. He has also devoted time and resources to education on the topic, including a two-day edition of his daytime talk show, airing April 30 and May 1.

“This is something we take really very seriously,” he said.

The View: Dr Phil Abusive Relationships

Julie and Danny, a couple on the show, were struggling with the issue. In a clip from Dr Phil’s show, Danny explained that he is prone to violent outbursts. That seems to affect his relationship with Julie, though he says he has never hit his wife.


“You don’t have to hit to be abusive,” Jenny McCarthy said.

Dr Phil said no one believed Danny’s statement. But Dr Phil said the bigger problem is that people may not realize they are in abusive relationships. Isolation is a common tactic to watch out for; don’t let yourself be cut off from your friends, family, and connections.

The View: Abusive Relationship Exit Strategy

According to Dr Phil, one in four women claim they have been in an abusive relationship. But experts believe this is an underreported situation, so the true statistics could be much higher.

However, he said you should never confront your abuser if you think you are in danger. He suggested that abuse victims make a plan to help themselves get to safety without putting themselves at even more risk.

The View: Domestic Violence Hotline

“The time when people are most seriously injured or killed is in what we call separation assault,” which is the weeks after a person leaves an abuser, Dr Phil explained.

That’s why a carefully planned exit strategy is so important. You can get more advice from Dr Phil, his book Life Code, and the Domestic Violence Hotline.


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