The View: Dr Oz Detox Juice Recipe – How Long To Detox & How Often?


The View: Dr Oz On Detoxing

With bikini season fast approaching, those opting out of the gym for a quick fix are starting to use cleansers and detoxes to prepare themselves to look great in the sultry swim wear. There was  some “green fluid” poured into glasses for all the hosts to drink, and Barbara obviously had a couple questions to ask of Doctor Oz: why do we have to detox? What does it mean? How long do we do it? Oz actually had some pretty good answers for all of these questions. He also shared a Dr Oz Detox Juice Recipe.

The View: What Is Detoxing and Why Do We Do It?

The View: Dr Oz Detox Juice Recipe - How Long To Detox & How Often?

Teach me how to detox. Teach me, teach me how to detox.


First off, you don’t detox to lose weight. It is just a happy side effect of what happens while you are taking the cleaners. Detoxing energizes you during the day, allows you to sleep at night, and, most importantly, medical problems like allergies can be completely reversed by using some of these detoxes.

These also help fight the good fight inside you stomach. You have more bacteria in your digestive tract than you have cells in your entire body. Though you need some of those bacteria, there are bad ones that you need to rid your body of. Eating the wrong food and taking the wrong antibiotics can cause the good bacteria to starve, while the bad bacteria flourishes. Hearing this made the proposition of downing a glass of that green sludge a little less revolting.

The View: How Long To Detox? How Often To Detox?

Okay. So we know why we should be doing it, but how long do we need to detox for and how frequently do we detox?  Well, it really comes down to you. You can drink this juice for as long as you want and however often you want.


The juice is a good start, but Dr. Oz encourages you to take it further. For three days, he suggests you challenge yourself to feed your intestines what they need. Get some natural foods in there and take out the stuff you don’t need–junk food, caffeine, alcohol, etc.

The View: Dr Oz Detox Juice Recipe

Dr. Oz just so happened to whip up his own detox juice backstage for the cast today, and he was kind enough (depending on your perspective) to share the recipe with us. His juice had apples, oranges, celery,  cucumber, kale, and lemon lime.

It sounded like he left off half way through, but it made sense once he just admitted that “you just take stuff that’s natural in your fridge!” There you have it, folks. Tear open that crisper and place all of it directly in the blender.

For those that don’t like the flavor, you can add cinnamon, pepper sauce, or pink salt to make it a little more tolerable.


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