The View: Dr. Drew Pinsky On Amanda Bynes, Lindsay Lohan & Teen Mom


The View: What’s Up With Amanda Bynes?

With many celebrities seemingly going off the deep end lately, it goes without saying that they could use some help. One of the most recent stars to enter the realm of oddity is Amanda Bynes, whose Twitter account has been garnering quite the controversy as of late. Dr. Drew Pinsky, of Celebrity Rehab fame, came into the show to weigh on the starlette’s behavior. Is it drugs, a stunt, or just outright craziness?

The View: Dr. Drew Pinsky On Amanda Bynes, Lindsay Lohan & Teen Mom

Dr. Drew talked about Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Bynes, and Teen Mom stars. (Featureflash /


Given how her behavior has been all over the place recently, Dr. Drew honestly had a hard time making a diagnosis. However, he did have a plea to make to Amanda Bynes. Dr. Drew’s daughter has looked to Amanda as a role model for quite some time, and he hopes that Amanda gets this problem addressed by a professional as soon as possible. “Take care of yourself!” he said.

Citing Catherine Zeta-Jones‘ recent announcement that she would be entering into treatment for bipolar disorder, Dr. Drew spoke directly to Amanda Bynes when he spoke of this.

Lance Bass, who is a friend of Amanda’s and who produced her last movie, did note some observations he made while filming that suggested something had gone awry in her life.


The View: Lindsay Lohan Rehab

Why anyone still thinks it’s news when Lindsay Lohan goes to rehab is beyond me, but here we are. Lindsay was supposed to go to rehab in West Hampton, but flew to California instead because the resort in West Hampton wouldn’t allow her to smoke. She will be blogging about her journey through rehab as well.

This is Lindsay’s sixth time in rehab, and she has finally received a court order to make her stay for six months of treatment. Though six times seems like a lot, Dr. Drew says this isn’t unusual.

Bob Forrest, a musician and former cast member from Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, had to go to rehab 22 times before he was clean. When people need multiple treatments, they don’t see previous treatments as a waste of time, they see them as incremental progress.

Luckily, the court order also says that Lindsay has to be released by the medical director, who will hopefully hold her for more than six months so that she doesn’t end up in the same boat as Bob Forrest.

The View: Teen Mom’s Janelle Evans and Farrah Abraham

Given Dr. Drew’s onetime appearance on Teen Mom, he was asked to weigh in on the less than savory headlines that some of the show’s stars have appeared in. Janelle Evans was arrested for heroin posession, while Farrah Abraham sold a provocative tape for a reported seven figures. Dr. Drew was very adamant in saying that they were not his patients.

He doesn’t think Farah would be selling her tape if she wasn’t on a reality show, but he also doesn’t think that reality TV had anything to do with Janelle’s heroin habit.

The View: Dr Drew Loveline

In addition to his reality TV work, Dr. Drew keeps himself busy with his radio show Loveline. Some of the most common questions he gets asked are about the interpersonal relationships between families, and about the gap between kids that care about their future, and those that are apathetic.


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