The View: Downton Abbey Elizabeth McGovern & Hugh Bonneville Season 3


Downton Abbey: Elizabeth McGovern and Hugh Bonneville

The View invited some of the cast from the international television phenomenon Downton Abbey on the show to discuss why the show has become so popular.

The first guests on the show were Elizabeth McGovern, who plays Cora the Countess of Grantham, and Hugh Bonneville, who plays Robert Crawley, Earl of Grantham and husband to Cora.


Before the guests came on the set The View took a look at a clip of Robert Crawley being told he has lost most of his money and another clip of him talking with his wife, Cora, about not wanting to tell some of the family members. Barbara Walters was a bit surprised Bonneville came out in a pair of jeans. He said he should have worn his “white tie and tails.”

The View: Downton Abbey, 27 Emmy Nominations

Downton Abbey has been nominated for 27 Emmy Awards, the most Emmy nominations for a British show ever. On top of all the awards, Downton Abbey is being shown in over 100 different countries. But why is it so popular? Neither McGovern or Bonneville had an answer as to why. Bonneville said it may come from there being a shortage of shows about families and the struggles of having one.

The View: Downton Abbey Elizabeth McGovern & Hugh Bonneville Season 3

The View talked with Elizabeth McGovern and Hugh Bonneville about the third season of Downton Abbey, being married on the show and the show’s 27 Emmy nominations. Helga Esteb /


The View said it could just be the nostalgia people feel when they watch the show, as if they were watching Gone With the Wind.

McGovern said she knew the story was going to be good when she read the first half of the script. Sometimes the actor matches the character and it fits so nicely in the script and then there is this magic. But she doesn’t know how it happens or why. Sometimes it just seems to work out.

The View: Elizabeth McGovern 20th Anniversary

Elizabeth McGovern revealed she was going to be celebrating her 20th wedding anniversary very soon and also pointed out she and Bonneville have been married three times on different shows.

The View: Robert Crawley Kissing the Maid

The View wanted to touch on a scene when Robert Crawley kisses one of the maids, and said it seemed so uncharacteristic of his character. But Bonneville said people in power can do some strange things. The writer for the show, Julian Fellowes, has “a good eye for human nature,” according to Bonneville.

The View: Season 3 of Downton Abbey

The View wanted to know what they could look forward to in season 3 of the show, but both actors were quite tight lipped about what would happen. They only said people can be sure there will be a marriage on the show.


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