The View: Donald Trump Vs Bill Maher & All-Star Celebrity Apprentice


The View: Donald Trump

Donald Trump has invited some of the most talked about contestants back for his All-Star Celebrity Apprentice reality show on NBC. He and his interesting hair were back on The View to talk about the new season and his feud with Bill Maher.

The View: Donald Trump Vs Bill Maher

According to Donald Trump, Bill Maher made an offer of $5 million to charity if Trump would prove his lineage by producing his birth certificate. Apparently, Sherri Shepherd has been defending Trump.


The View: Donald Trump Vs Bill Maher & All-Star Celebrity Apprentice

The View got one side of the Donald Trump vs Bill Maher feud and previewed the new season of All-Star Celebrity Apprentice, featuring fan favorites. (Debby Wong /

But as Joy Behar pointed out, Maher’s comments were meant as a joke. Didn’t he actually mention the Hair Club for Men as the charity? Trump said that it’s for the courts to decide whether it was a joke. He did not want to hear Whoopi’s opinion on the matter.

Trump said that Maher is “not a smart guy,” and Sherri said she thinks it’s interesting to see Maher “pick on somebody his own size.” Guy Day Friday guest co-host Terry Crews managed to stay out of the fray on this topic.


The View: All-Star Celebrity Apprentice Review

This year marks the first All-Star edition of Celebrity Apprentice. I’m thinking words are losing all meaning, because if you are on Celebrity Apprentice in the first place, things are maybe not going the best for your career. To be asked back a second time, and to say yes, might suggest that you don’t have much going on.

That’s just my opinion, not a statement of fact. I wouldn’t want to get sued. Anyway, the cast is made up of fan favorites, including historical villain Omarosa, Joan Rivers, Trace Adkins, Gary Busey, Dennis Rodman, and more.

The View: Donald Trump Apprentice & Omarosa

In a clip from the new season, Omarosa clashed with Piers Morgan in the boardroom. It seems like their bad blood has not dissipated in recent years.

“I’ve never seen anybody work so hard as some of the folks on this show,” Trump said.

Behar asked Trump about his comments that the female contestants flirt with him. He said that they are trying to flatter him so they can win the game.

The View: Joan Rivers & Bret Michaels

Joan Rivers has stamina, which Trump said has served her very well in the competition. He predicted that Bret Michaels made a big mistake in coming back to the show to reclaim his former glory.

All-Star Celebrity Apprentice airs Sunday nights on NBC.

The View: Donald Trump Marriage

In his personal life, Donald Trump is celebrating his eighth wedding anniversary. He said he is “a romantic,” but did not want to get into details. This could just be the lighting, but at least on The View, when Donald Trump blushes, he turns orange.

He also suggested that he has a hard time apologizing when he is wrong, which is probably not a surprise. It’s too bad he didn’t hold out until Barbara Walters returned so he could buddy up to her.



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    Hello, LONG FORM. Why won’t Donald show his long form? Obama had to petition Hawaii’s state legislature. Donald should do the same thing. Remember, Obama’s short form wasn’t good enough for Trump.

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