The View: Don Cheadle House of Lies & 5 Stages of An Actor’s Career


The View: Don Cheadle

Golden Globe winner Don Cheadle is back in a second season of the dark Showtime comedy House of Lies. I would say that Don Cheadle has a winning smile, which was on full display during his View visit. He also listed the 5 stages of an actor’s career.

The View: House Of Lies Review


The View: Don Cheadle House of Lies & 5 Stages of An Actor's Career

House of Lies star Don Cheadle talked about his transition to series television from movies and the 5 stages of an actor’s career. (Helga Esteb /

In January 2013, he won a Golden Globe for his performance as Marty Kahn on House of Lies. The show is based on a book by Martin Kihn about a cutthroat business consultant. Don’s romantic pursuits on the show have been very revealing. How does he handle all the intimate scenes?

“It’s a really unnatural situation. Everyone’s watching and you’ve got crew around,” he said. After more than 50 films, how did Cheadle end up in TV?


The View: Don Cheadle TV Career

House of Lies is actually his third series, after Picket Fences and The Golden Girls spinoff The Golden Palace. Those were both in the early ‘90s, so he has not done TV in quite awhile. Now, with two daughters in his family, he enjoys working close to home and having a regular gig.

His character’s son is “gender fluid,” and likes to dress in women’s clothing. Cheadle said that the son’s interests are continuing to expand in the second season of the show. He said that Marty does not know how to respond to his son, so he does not press for details.

The opening scene of the show’s first episode is too hot for The View, but it revealed a surprise for the audience and the character. “It can go anywhere. It’s a very elastic character,” Cheadle said. “He’s so messed up. You never know what situation he’s going to be in and how he’s going to orchestrate to get out of it.”

The View: 5 Stages of An Actor’s Career

What does Don consider the 5 stages of an actor’s career? He said he picked up this advice from George Clooney.

  • Who the hell is Don Cheadle?
  • Get me Don Cheadle.
  • Get me a Don Cheadle type.
  • Get me a young Don Cheadle.
  • Who the hell is Don Cheadle?

You can see Don in new episodes of House of Lies, airing Sunday nights on Showtime.

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