The View: Debbie Reynolds Unsinkable Review, Marriage & Memorabilia


The View: Debbie Reynolds

Almost 50 years ago, Debbie Reynolds starred in The Unsinkable Molly Brown, which earned her an Oscar nomination. Now she has written a second memoir, Unsinkable, about the things and people that almost destroyed her in life.


The View: Unsinkable Review

The View audience gave Debbie a standing ovation, and the co-hosts wished her a happy 81st birthday. She said that she did not really celebrate, because she has been busy promoting her book.

The View: Debbie Reynolds Unsinkable Review, Marriage & Memorabilia

On The View, Debbie Reynolds shared what inspired her to write a second memoir, Unsinkable, about her disastrous third marriage and her illustrious career. (s_bukley /

In 1988, Debbie Reynolds wrote her first memoir. At the end of the book, she was happy to marry her third husband, who was loyal and her lucky charm. But 25 years later, she has a different view of the relationship.


The View: Debbie Reynolds Third Marriage

Debbie said that she fell in love with the man, but things did not work out once they really got to know each other. She even wrote that she feared for her life.

Her husbands occasionally have violent reactions to her, she said. When she escaped from him in fear, she claims she hid in her purses in a closet.

The View: Debbie Reynolds & Richard Hamlett

Her ex-husband, Richard Hamlett, denies any knowledge of her claims of abuse or other women during their 12 years together. He wrote his own book about their relationship, which is available online.

Debbie Reynolds purchased a Las Vegas hotel, which turned out not to be successful. In his statement, Richard indicated that Debbie took bad advice, but she seems to place the blame on her ex and his mistress.

The View: Debbie Reynolds Las Vegas Hotel

She said that learning about the longtime mistress was very hurtful. “I don’t think you get over anything. You just sort of place it where the pain is less,” she said.

Her hotel featured a huge collection of Hollywood memorabilia, including a Marilyn Monroe dress that sold for $5.5 million.

The View: Debbie Reynolds Singin’ In The Rain

Did you know that Gene Kelly didn’t want Debbie Reynolds for Singin’ In The Rain? She was just 17 at the time, and he was shocked that she refused to dance.

She demonstrated the few dance steps she knew, and I guess it all worked out, because she had a phenomenal career. Reynolds had trouble picking up dance moves on the fly to keep up with her co-stars.

Debbie said that movies in the old days required a lot of versatility. She was proud of how much she was able to learn about dancing in just six months.

The View: Debbie Reynolds Memorabilia

Debbie Reynolds has collected other iconic memorabilia, which she had hoped to use in a museum celebrating the history of cinema in America.

You can read more about Debbie in her latest book, Unsinkable, available now.


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