The View: Danai Gurira Samurai Sword & The Walking Dead Review


The View: Danai Gurira The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is far and away cable television’s most popular show, notching approximately 12.5 million viewers. Danai Gurira is one of the show’s stars, and in a recent clip, her character has the opportunity to become a vigilante. Why does she think the series is such a hit?

Danai joined The View panel to dish about cable’s most popular series, which follows human characters that find themselves on the run in the aftermath of a zombie apocalpyse. She said her character is good, but remains mysterious and quiet. She could be suffering from PTSD.


The View: Danai Gurira

The View: Danai Gurira Samurai Sword & The Walking Dead Review

The View chatted with The Walking Dead star Danai Gurira about practicing with her samurai sword for the show and what the series is really all about. (Helga Esteb /

Her character has been called “one of the toughest action heroes on television,” and Danai said that she grew up a tomboy. “I like tough women. I like to see women in their strength,” she said.

The prison where she and other humans have been hiding out is becoming overrun with zombies, so what will happen next? She said that the questions become about strategy, success, and power.


The View: Danai Gurira Samurai Sword

How did she train to use the samurai sword? She said that she had used a broadsword back in her college days, but this has been a new experience for her. Danai has rehearsed with the sword in her apartment, but so far she has no injuries to report.

Greg Nicotero, the man behind the show’s prosthetics, teaches the zombies how to act and how to move. “If you’re getting a little too lively, you’ve got to go back to school,” she said.

The View: The Walking Dead Review

Whoopi wondered why zombies have become so popular of late? Danai said that The Walking Dead is really about what happens to humans when they are pushed to to the brink and forced to survive.

The Walking Dead airs Sunday nights on AMC. Have you been watching?


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