The View: Dana Delany God Is Bigger Than Elvis Review & Body of Proof


The View: Dana Delany

From the ABC drama Body of Proof, Dana Delany is back for season three, and she has company. In a clip from a new episode, Mark Valley plays an old flame who clashes with Dana’s character, Megan, when they find themselves as colleagues. She talked about remembering her childhood aspirations of the cloth after seeing the documentary God Is Bigger Than Elvis.

The View: Dana Delany Boots

The View: Dana Delaney God Is Bigger Than Elvis Review & Body of Proof

Dana Delany shared her views on relationships and why “God Is Bigger Than Elvis” reminded her of the path not taken; Body of Proof season three preview. (ABC/Donna Svennevik)


Dana wore a red dress and tall white boots for her interview. What does she think of her tough on-screen character? She said she is the opposite in real life, but she loves seeing strong women on TV. She said that the young women who follow her on Twitter have a racy nickname for her.

The View: Body of Proof Season 3 Review

In season 3, there are some changes in store for the Body of Proof crew. Among them is the addition of Valley as Tommy Sullivan, a cop who dated Dr Megan Hunt when she was in medical school.

Now they find themselves thrown back together, professionally and personally. To her credit, Delany didn’t front. She said that they are on the fast track to romance, and offscreen, they have a great rapport.


In fact, they once played siblings on the Fox soap Pasadena.

The View: Dana Delany Single

Once, to break up with a guy, Delany jumped out of an airplane. In her defense, at least she was skydiving. As she did the free fall to get away from her boyfriend, her tandem skydiver asked for a kiss. She said that she couldn’t land without him, so she gave him a quick peck.

Dana is single and has no designs on marriage or children. Does she feel ostracized? “That was my choice, and I’m happy I made it,” she said. “And I’ve left more space in the world for other people.”

Delaney has a birthday coming up soon, and she said she feels that intimacy becomes more profound as you age.

The View: God Is Bigger Than Elvis Review

Being raised Catholic, Dana once wondered whether she would become a nun. Instead, she became an actress, because she never got a call from God to pursue that path. She did recall seeing a documentary on Dolores Hart, God Is Bigger Than Elvis, which Delany said she really connected with.

A third season of Body of Proof airs Tuesday nights on ABC.


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